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    What would you rate BBS?

    seeing as how it's on a hand held it gets a 9.5. it's really an amazing job for a psp title.
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    What I wanna know is...

    i like him. i like aqua best though because her part to the story is the most interesting and least expected. she's what ties everything together and sets everything up for KH1. as for terra, yeah he's a lot like riku, but unlike riku, he wasn't saved. and he was to wait for all those years for...
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    UHHHH I'm confuzzled.

    yeah, proud mode isn't difficult anyways. so go for it
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    KHBBS crystals

    the bbs crystals. it allows for REAL customization, not just leveling up. don't care about D-links? then don't level up the link plus prize ability. never use items? then don't waste your time on the item boost ability. it's better. EDIT: also, it's good that once you level up a command the...
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    Which character are you best with?

    probably terra. he's not as fast as ven, but he's not really slow either. he's just fun, and i've leveled him up the most, so i'd say terra.
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    the whole secret movie you get after the final episode. pretty serious stuff
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    xion birth

    i wasn't asking about namine, just xion. but ok, thank you. i haven't seen that scene you mentioned.
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    xion birth

    could you please explain why you say that Xion was born before CoM? i don't recall this being specifically stated anywhere, so if it isn't then she could have been born after it. because, Roxas was recruited into the org sometime during or shortly after CoM, and since Sora was alseep for a...
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    Speculation of the E.S Battle (Spoilers Knights names and possibly Old man's)

    one quarter. this is on critical mode right? cause if it's just on a normal mode than that's ridiculously hard.
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    Speculation of the E.S Battle (Spoilers Knights names and possibly Old man's)

    He's right. We never met him, but you couldn't consider him to be a new character. At least not in the way nomura ment. He is not xehanort and for the record the BHK is not roxas. Telling us that they are for sure new characters and them making them old ones would be lying. Game developers like...
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    does any one...

    does any one know where to find piano sheet music for kingdom hearts 2? and i want the kind that you don't have to download or buy. i want the kind that just has a picture of it and you print it out. if there are any sights like that with KH2.
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    is there any?

    is there any site that has KH2 piano sheet music? and i'm not talking about ones that you have to buy or download, i'm talking about the ones where they actually show it and all you have to do is print out the page. because i googled every possible keyword that i can think of and still found...
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    "It all started with.....Birth by Sleep"

    we might never find out what the letter says. in the ending of kh1 pluto has a letter from king mickey and we never found out what that said.
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    Proof of the Third Symbol

    i think that by closin kingdom hearts he didn't have to close any more key holes..... but yes he was opening a path
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    memories of xehanort

    well, if some of these other theories about xehanort being a keyblade wielder, or making the keyblades, then his reports would actually explain every question about what kingdom hearts is and what the keyblades are and every mystery would be resolved
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    A theory...

    i think that ansem just tested on normal people, but it is an interesting thought
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    Zexion's Weapon

    i don't think that it was a keyblade, because is it was he would be a lot stronger than he was and rikus replica wouldn't be able to kill him.
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    wats your fav drive?

    final cause it even attacks when you use an item and jump and land and glide and use cure....
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    memories of xehanort

    i have had many thoughts about the secert ending, but many of them are too long and involved to write down so im just gonna talk bout this one. i think the the "memories of xehanort" will some thing like the ansem reports. in the secret ansem reports ansem said that xehanort had lost his...
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    Proof of the Third Symbol

    well.....i don't think that this symbol represents any kind of enemy. because it really only shows up on light things. it's soras necklace, all over ultima weapon, on final form in haloween town.......it is also the kechain for oblivion(which some people believe to be a dark keyblade, but i must...