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    How did you find out about Kingdom Hearts?

    i was one of those kids that should never have been allowed sugar, so of course, i nearly had a seizure from watching the commercial, so i bought it.
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    KH3 console

    Well, considering the new buzz is KH3, i started to think about it too and begane to wonder what console itl come out on. I know youre all thinking PS3 but, didnt Square just put FF13 (which was supposed to be a PS3 exclusive) on the Xbox360? (incase you havent heard, yes they did) So, which...
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    people have been coming up with "your" terra theory for months now (me being one of them.) and i think youre dead on with the ven/roxas thing, exept for the erasing part, he probably means for his body to be erased, and his heart to be attatched to soras (so sora can weild the keyblade) hence...
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    Everything We Know About Unbirths So Far

    So, i wonder where the "UnBirths come from? hm...... purgatory?
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    My theory

    I got to thinking about the whole kh universe, and figured a possible solution to where the new enemys come from. Well, we know that after sora and riku beat xemnas, they're transported to that ominous beach in the world of darkness, which is apparently not safe. So what if the world of...
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    Why Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ Won't Come To America

    god, cant you KH:FM+ haters just be hopeful like the rest of us?!
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    Organization 13 - Original Names

    luxord- dulor, dorul Axel- Lea? Saix- Sai larxene- Ralene
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    Organization 13 - Original Names

    Eleaus- El-I-us Lexaeus- Lex-E-us
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    alternate universe

    I've been thinking about the new enemy and all the scans and i think I have come to a solution. I think that the new enemy is from that dark beach from the KH2. It makes sence because remember Sora and Riku talking there? they said that in that world, darkness was the good one and light was...
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    358/2 Days true meaning?

    we know it 358 days is double how many days roxas had, I think the /2 part means that how him and someone else spent that time. This could mean Axel, his best friend (if nobodys have friends) because they both "died" on the same day (i think, didn't they?) OR it could have to do with member 14.
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    358/2 Days: Clearing Confusion

    It takes place during and after KH:CoM
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    new theory on the "Terra is Xeanort" thing.

    if that was true then where do the extra letters come from?
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    new theory on the "Terra is Xeanort" thing.

    Xehanort DID lose his memory, so maybe he doesn't know about his keyblade, or maybe someone took his keyblade from him, like how riku took soras keyblade in kh1, or maybe he couldnt' use it because Xehanort has no heart because he is a nobody and his keyblade went to his heartless who couldn't...
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    new theory on the "Terra is Xeanort" thing.

    maybe somehow both master xehanort and Terra fused together?
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    Terra: what if he is?

    maybe they could've fused together?
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    Terra: what if he is?

    has anyone noticed that Terra and kh2s Xehanort have a lot of things about them that are alike? like their hair, just imagine Terras hair, only white and the back is longer, then its the same exact same hairstyle as xehanorts (the kh2 one). And it would also explain how both Terra's and...
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    Petition For KHIIFM+ to come to America & EU

    I say we storm SE and lock them in there until they make it for other places : ) but really, I support you and your cause.
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    A new symbol?

    what if Terra, Aqua, and Ven are SOME form of the new enemy, roxas is a nobody but he foght other nobodys, so why couldn't it be the same for them? or what if the new enemys arent enemys at first, but Master Xehanort takes control of them.
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    Theory about Kh2 & KH2FM+'s secret endings

    none of the games are being called KH3, they are saving that name for a KH game that has yet to be announced.
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    Been thinking long time

    Didnt it say in one interveiw Birth By Sleep takes place only 10 years before kh1? so what if when a keyblade bearer is born someone or something else is born? maybe whenever someone is born another thing is born? it sertantly would explain the whole sora/ven/roxas relationship and it could be a...