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  1. dejah


    I was so bored that I decided to come back to KHI Tonight I'm so bored that I'm about to put on Eclipse... It's a testament to my desperation. but anyway, What's up KHI? It's good to be back.
  2. dejah

    Skrillex (Sonny Moore)

    Have you heard this shit? TURN IT UP http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSeNSzJ2-Jw
  3. dejah

    Writing in Tune

    Hello, I've recently started a blog. and the main purpose of it is as a creative writing outlet for me. some of it are short stories. some of it are my ramblings made to look like short stories either way it's just a blog to practice my rusty writing skills. there are a couple grammatical and...
  4. dejah

    Help/Support ► When masturbation's lost its fun. . .

    lol if you know love then you must know that it never wins unless you get what you want. and so if you cant... why not get what you can? i fell in love with my fuck buddy. he fell in love with me. we both started out as friends. and we're still best friends above it all.
  5. dejah

    Help/Support ► When masturbation's lost its fun. . .

    douche baggery is not permitted here sir! i've been sober for a week.... or so. =< boo i need some alcohol.
  6. dejah

    Help/Support ► hi, i need some help

    hmm. i think you're all going about this the wrong way. the both of you telling his mom to basically "fuck off" would definitely not make things any better right? and regardless of whether or not you are engaged to him, his mother comes along with it. family is always a package deal thing...
  7. dejah

    Help/Support ► When masturbation's lost its fun. . .

    bite my lip and close my eyessss take me away to paradise! i say sir, you should screw her. and screw her hard. do you really care that she's with someone? if she actually does reciprocate the flirting etc etc. she wants ur dick. no harm trying your luck hey? dont look for love in it...
  8. dejah

    Help/Support ► Dad found my stash

    LMFAO. WORD. say it riiiiiiiight D. dad found your stash? as him to join you for a hit. x)
  9. dejah

    KHInsider Official BBS Trailer discussion

    Re: BBS Trailer SHiiiiiiiit. Props to poster. i'm so hyped. can't wait for a better quality!
  10. dejah

    Help/Support ► Sleep...

    i am an art student. i write and draw. and i work better in the dead of night rather than mornings or afternoons. and i don't know why either. and because of that i usually end up NOT getting anything done because there are too many distractions at night. also, your 2 am is nothing. i sleep at...
  11. dejah

    American Idol: David Cook Vs David Archuleta

    I'll admit, American Idol is pretty much a guilty pleasure for me. I can't believe that we're HOURS away from the final results show! WHO DO YOU THINK SHOULD WIN? David Cook or David Archuleta?!! Vote and discuss!!
  12. dejah

    KH3: Only for Wii?

    by order of teh monkehbuttz i r posting this for us to discuss. sooo. a thread on Gamespot's forums is saying that KH3 is going to be exclusively for the Wii. here's a "Screencap" of an order with a thumbnail of Nintendo Power's July 08 issue with a caption of KH3 being exclusively for the...
  13. dejah

    [music] the velvet teen

    Has anyone heard of the velvet teen? any fans on the forums besides me? i only found out about them back in '06 and i'm still crazy about them. they're really experimental, which is what i love, and yet they still retain their style. i have no idea how. The Prize Fighter from "Out of the...
  14. dejah

    ff7 in kh series

    KH and Halo doesn't even come close. FF7 is in a whole different league. ten years after its release and it's still going strong. give KH and Halo a couple more years.
  15. dejah

    kick-ass name. lmao.

    click here for the full story i can't believe this is coming from singapore!!! -______- ps. LOL.
  16. dejah

    ( NEW?) Tifa Artwork

    ihy smoo. *ignores/blocksonmsn*
  17. dejah

    ( NEW?) Tifa Artwork

    Yes, that's my point, being that FF7 AC does NOT have KH-styled art. (duh) Tifa was taken from AC and uses cgi/3d renders for official art, there is no previously drawn artwork of her for kingdom hearts. notice how all the ff characters that were only introduced in KH2 have new art, whereas the...
  18. dejah

    ( NEW?) Tifa Artwork

    ac artwork are all 3d and cgi renders. no cartoon or drawing ones.
  19. dejah

    ( NEW?) Tifa Artwork

    after a little prodding around, i'm pretty more than convinced that this is official art. on this page, all of the KH artwork are original ones. i don't see why they'd put fanart on there.
  20. dejah

    khfm2+ in america or at least how to try

    yar Lenny, that's what i meant, (brain to fingers miscommunication) lol. and Mr. AndyCloseEyes. i think it's pretty straightforward when people say KHFM and KH2FM, it's just a plus sign.. no big deal...