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  1. Firaga013

    The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread [complete]

    Re: Billy Zane Xehanort VS. Richard Epcar Xehanort I honestly prefer Epcar, but they were both great. Zane should be back for Dream Drop Distance though cause Ansem was in the trailer. However, why can't I find a single picture of Paul St. Peter, Xemnas's actor?
  2. Firaga013

    Kingdom Keepers!

    Who else wants to rip up every book out there? It's like Disney ignores Kingdom Hearts, and then they go off and write a book about new heros. You can't find KH merchandise at any Disney stores, but I found two of those books on the website. There is already an awesome Disney hero and his name...
  3. Firaga013

    Figure in a Brown Cloak?

    Oh okay. That makes sense. I must have missed that in KHI.
  4. Firaga013

    Figure in a Brown Cloak?

    In one of the first few cutscenes of Re: Coded, Mickey gets a scene of Riku on the island during the storm. There's someone behind him in an odd brown cloak. Then the person (or thing) points and opens a door behind Riku. Then it's over. Who or what was that? It looked sort of like a Heartless.
  5. Firaga013

    KH2:FM+ Cutscene Guide

    Good job. It's nice to have a cutscene guide. They can get confusing sometimes.
  6. Firaga013

    Birth By Sleep Capes

    In the trailer for Birth By Sleep, Terra Aqua and Ven have the nice big capes. I think they were cut because of lagging issues in the game, but would you have liked them? Or are you an Incredibles person and say it's better without them?
  7. Firaga013

    What drove you crazy in a KH game?

    I have 358/2 Days. When I got to the maze in Wonderland, I wanted to pull my hair out and scream. It took me forever and I kept getting caught. It was probably almost an hour until I finished that single mission.
  8. Firaga013

    Could this theory actually work?

    I may be wrong, but I thought that possibly Xemnas was telling Roxas that Ven looks like him. Could that be it?
  9. Firaga013

    When you first saw KH?

    When I was in seventh grade, there was a book sale at out school. My sister went with our friend. Our friend saw the second chain of memories manga on a shelf and told my sister about it. She got the book and showed it to me when we got home. We fell in love with it and practically started...