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  1. masteroflostrain

    I'm back after a 2 year hiatus. I'm throughly excited for KH4.

    New and improved 🙂 and more respectful. Can't wait to talk about and experience kingdom hearts 4 with you all.
  2. masteroflostrain

    What plan does M.O.M. have for Sora?

    I'm curious since the Kingdom hearts 4 trailer and young xehanort apart of M.O.M. experiment (whatever it is), that will get a tease of M.O.M. wants with Sora. We already saw kingdom hearts itself, stop darkness, and the second keyblade war. I'm just excited for potential ☺️ storylines.
  3. masteroflostrain

    4 thing's that interested me about the return of the foretellers saga.

    1: How important is yozora gonna be? With the possibility of luxord being his Butler and M.O.M. being in Shibuya, there's no way he will only be in one game. I think he is a mainstay, and I can't wait to see his role. 2: What exactly is M.O.M. role? It's so big that he had luxu wait years. 3...
  4. masteroflostrain

    Dark Road ► Is dark road part of the xehanort saga, Return of M.O.M. saga, or somewhere in-between?

    Hello. I'm not confused, just curious on dark roads placement on either saga. For all we know, it could be completely tied to xehanort & have nothing to do with the next saga. Or it could be related to next saga(braig has been watching for year's) in the final episode. If the final episode...
  5. masteroflostrain

    Somehow the Master of Masters has a connection to kairi

    This is just so interesting that It seems like they met before. First Yozora going to be a major character for the next saga, now kairi has a connection to the Master of Masters. The only thing that's weird is messing with her fate. 🤔 I'm so confused on that. Like did the Master of Masters...
  6. masteroflostrain

    Should nomura play it safe for the next saga?

    Wait it never works out? 😯😯😯That's interesting. Care to explain?
  7. masteroflostrain

    Should nomura play it safe for the next saga?

    I think it's better to play it safe, and give fans something they are used too before. A straightforward and simple story (As boring as that maybe in any medium, it's a safe bet) Cloned KH2 gameplay Write characters as simple instead of complex(No complex stuff anymore) Easy and very simple...
  8. masteroflostrain

    I love yozora because he uses a rare magic in fiction. I hope we see more techno magic from yozora.

    Techno magic is a rarity in any type of a fantasy, and yet kingdom hearts has a character that makes it look so cool. His attack's against Sora were so cool and it was so well handled. Especially with his techno magic orb, it looked so powerful. I don't know why techno magic is the least use...
  9. masteroflostrain

    Are divided fanbases harder to please?

    Before I go in, I understand blind loyalty or blindly hating something are just as bad. You gotta point out the good and bad because no videogame/movie/TV show is perfect. Now that's out of the way, I'm talking about a fanbase that genuinely enjoy a game/movie vs the ones that doesn't genuinely...
  10. masteroflostrain

    Would kingdom hearts 3 been much better if Final Fantasy 7 remake wasn't announced or even in development?

    Hello. I thought about this looking at kingdom hearts 3, and Final Fantasy 7 remake respectively. I'm gonna explain the best I can. Even with the legitimate criticism of kingdom hearts 3, it would have been different if it has Final Fantasy 7 remake production. Had nomura just focus on kingdom...
  11. masteroflostrain

    I think something is going for the next saga. I just can't figure it out.

    Let's look at the things we know as puzzle pieces. Puzzle piece 1: Their was a keyblade war before the keyblade war of chi. We know nothing other than M.O.M. was in it. 2: Yozora is somehow really important to the next saga. 3: Could be nothing, but Yozora saying the exact same words as Sora...
  12. masteroflostrain

    I think the next kingdom hearts saga should use comic books, and novels to expand the story while making it more accessible to all fans.

    The main compliant of the xehanort saga was the games scattered across different game systems. By the next saga transitioning into comicbook & novels, it'll be easy for fans to enjoy all things without the frustration of getting another game system. A added bonus would be making a novel about...
  13. masteroflostrain

    With Yozora being possibly a alternate Sora, The Master of Masters unknown plan maybe bigger than we think.

    A two part saga would actually be very interesting to see. Maybe M.O.M. is trying to find different Sora's across a multiverse for a unseen war.
  14. masteroflostrain

    With Yozora being possibly a alternate Sora, The Master of Masters unknown plan maybe bigger than we think.

    With Yozora being confirmed important (which I always believed), I think it's safe to assume M.O.M. plan may involve some sort of multiverse, maybe with Sora specifically involved. With no information so far about the next saga, I'm gonna take a wild guess with what we have now. Multiple...
  15. masteroflostrain

    Yozora is actually important. He really is.

    While I'm sure everyone is excited for organization 13 battles, guardians of light, and kairi battle, Yozora is actually my main focus. I'm super excited to see what role he plays. I can't wait to see yozora in action.
  16. masteroflostrain

    Can too much of a good thing be bad in gaming?

    Hopefully this will start a deep discussion. Using kingdom hearts 3, sonic mania, fallout 76 and god of war as points of reference. So I will be using them mostly in this debate. Over the past few months, I have been looking at things that people want. Good story, challenging gameplay...
  17. masteroflostrain

    So when's the season 2 finale of union x starting?

    I started playing union x again, and I caught to the latest mission's. I just want to see the ending, epilogue, and secret ending already. Especially after Kingdom hearts 3 epilogue, I just can't wait to see it.
  18. masteroflostrain

    My biggest question which I know won't get answered: When did luxu stole Xigbars body?

    The reason I ask this is simply because of the time travel. As we know, you can only travel through time if a version of you exist. The thing with luxu he isn't traveling through time nor did he stay in the realm of darkness, he literally body hopped who knows how many people through the ages...
  19. masteroflostrain

    Should characters that got their happy ending be relevant to the new plot or stuck to cameos?

    Hello. I'm one of the fans that think characters that got their happy ending should at least stick to cameos. Mostly because I read somewhere nomura said some darkseeker saga characters won't be seen again. So cameos can be a good solution. Basically here at my personal reasons why shouldn't be...
  20. masteroflostrain

    Since xigbar is luxu, Does this change the opening of bbs 0.2?

    The part where luxu stares at kingdom hearts being summoned could have taken place during bbs. Luxu did said he was playing the fool, maybe he wanted to look afar after fighting aqua. What do you guy's think?