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    What was your game store conversation like?

    i called gamestop and the guy was like all out of air as if he ran like 20 miles or something. because i asked if he had the limited edition guide and all he said was no tommorow, i was like okay. then he just hung up.
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    KH2 vs. LOST on Wed. Night

    i never watched lost, thats why the show is called lost nobody knows about it. haha.jk. well i waited long enough for this game and im going to play it all night.
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    Information on the AUDIO and DISPLAY of kingdom hearts II.

    oh i think i saw the back of the game cover it reads dolby pro logic, and thx.
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    the kh2 commercial is at kh-2.net!

    Re: KH2 comercial. i think that the whole disney channel commercial is all a lie i havent seen anything.
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    Woah new pic!

    nice pic
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    language of love

    okay its just an opinion, i know everyone has one.
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    What will you hate.

    i dont like the chicken little thing first person shooter a big NO, but i dont even use the summons so no i dont hate nothing.
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    language of love

    anywho im not saying when they revealed the voice cast im saying if you would of just heard it before but i dont want to argue about this just forget that the voice is even there and read the subtitles.haha. but yeah i know what u mean. but it does not matter if voice matches the mouth then...
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    just go to gameinformer.com and search for kingdom hearts 2.
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    language of love

    jesse mccartney's voice fits great as Roxas i bet if you didnt know who it was doing roxas voiceover. you probably wouldnt even care, so just shhh, and wait for the game and play it. there.
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    well someone can close it or ill remove the link
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    well nothing really since i cant understand not one word but you get to see the videos more clear
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    i removed the link k.
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    just go in the preview section which is part 1 and part 2 there not new videos but they are of better quality, however they are in japanese.
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    i went to gameinformer just to see what they had and they have good high quality videos and lots of them too. they all contain spoilers but i just thought you might wanna know, even though im not new and i know that some of you might know this old some of us havent...but they are better quality...
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    KH2's Slogan

    i like the slogan personally i dont know why it isnt over it just began.
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    limited edition guide

    yeah there is a difference from the limited edition and the regular thats obvious and yeah however we dont know what the le guide has.
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    what would anyone do...?

    what would you do if before the official release date which is march 28 everyone knows. square-enix decided to give xbox kingdom hearts 2. and they pushed the date even further back but it would be still get released on ps2.
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    cheats for kh2 already revealed.

    its on top/
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    cheats for kh2 already revealed.

    contains spoilers. at ign.com cheats kingdom hearts 2 reveals the weapons and the moogle shop is back for synthesize go and check it out. http://cheats.ign.com/ob2/068/550/550308.html may contain spoilers.