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    BBS Homebase?

    I'd probably say Radiant Garden. It'd make alot of sense.
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    Who do you guys think is the worst member of organization 14?

    I always thought Demyx was more useless than Zexion. Zexion has the power of literature >D, and what can Demyx do, splash a little bit of bath water on you?
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    Organization 13: Who would you be?

    I would really enjoy being Roxas, but everyone wants to be him so uh.. I'd like to be Zexion, his hair is awesome and who doesn't want the power of Literature on their side?
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    The shadows hair looks like Riku's if you ask me, but that's just my opinion. My guess would probably be that it is Aqua as well though because it seems that would be the only logical conclusion. Course this is KH we're talking about..
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    KH Computer Remake

    Amazing. I look forward to playing this game. Assuming that you don't give up on it.
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    Was Deep Jungle Missing?

    Yeah actually I did lol. I guess I didn't pay good attention or something.
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    Was Deep Jungle Missing?

    Cause I am replaying through the game and I don't ever remember playing it the first time I played through CoM
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    The Organization Weapons you get

    I was watching those FM cutscenes where you fight the data Org. XIII and when you beat Lexxy he gives you his tomohawk as a staff, and I was like WTF That doesn't make any sense at all, I thought that Donald should have gotten Marluxia's scythe instead, I mean it's long enough to be considered a...
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    Trophy names switched in Olympus Coliseum

    When in the underworld, after you recieve The Goddess of Fate cup, if you read the name of it. They made a mess up and instead named it The Goddess of Destiny trophy. This might be vice versa, I just know that it happens on one of them. Oopsie, Square made uh axcidunt.
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    Forms of the next game?

    Do you think that drive forms will survive to the next game? If so, will they be the originals or brand new ones? Personally I don't see any new forms they could make, unless you know they made a form where your speed tripled or something, and you attacked so fast that it was hard to follow on...
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    Change Command List Appearance

    Ok, so I was playing Kingdom Hearts 2 recently, you know when you just run around, and do nothing cause your bored yadda yadda, and I looked at the options and I noticed the option for the command list, that you can either Keep it so that it changes as your travel from world to world. Or you...
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    Where is the best place to level up your forms?

    Ok, well I've already maxed out all my forms, but I was just wondering where is the best place to level them. The only two I know of are The World That Never Was starting where the creepers appear, and the Alley to Between for Wisdom, what about Valor and Master?