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    I know I'll get banned, but...........

    OK, so this thread is most probably going to get deleted before any real discussion, but whatever. This board is retarded. I can't stand how 75% of the members here are little 10 year old kids tlking lik dis lolo zomg! They're just here because they think Disney is cool. Honestly, I don't know...
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    Am I the only one here that misses old school Nick? I hardly even watch it anymore. I do watch Drake&Josh, Avatar The Last Airbender, and Jimmy Neutron but that's pretty much it. I miss shows like Salute Your Shorts, Hey Arnold, Ahhh! Real Monsters, Rugrats(before Dil and Kimmi), Are You...
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    Favorite minor character?

    Who was everybody's favorite minor character/s? My list: Namine- Come on, who DOESN'T like her? Axel Winnie The Pooh Hades- BEST. VILLAIN. EVER. Olette Yuffie Tron Genie- He makes me laugh! Just wish Robin Williams did the voice.
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    Just a noob

    What's up everybody? The RatedRSuperstar has decided to grace KHI with his presence. :D I suck at intro threads but whatever. I'm eighteen and I live in New Jersey(please no Jersey jokes). I'm into RPGs, Harry Potter, WWE, and music. I'm a dork, I know. Glad to be here.