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    Who would win in a fight?

    I was thinking who would win in a fight Naruto or Saskue?:confused:
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    Roxas and Sora v.s Riku and Cloud

    Who would win in a fight Sora and Roxas or Riku and Cloud?:unsure: I say Roxas and Sora would pwn!:thumbsup:
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    Who is the best Soccer team to you?

    Who is your Favorite soccer team?:unsure:
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    Need for speed

    What is your favorate Need for speed game?:unsure:
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    Kingdom Hearts v.s Final Fantasy

    Witch game do you think square enix did a better job on Kingdom hearts or Final Fantasy
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    Favorite next gen system.

    witch next gen system do you think is the best,The nintendo wii,The xbox 360 or the PS3.So let me know what you think.k.:thumbsup:I like the nintendo Wii the best still.
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    Thats the point for it to be hard or else beating the game would be to easy.:toungesmile:
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    Thirteenth Floor, Axel fight.

    Use lots of ice and that will do it.:cool: