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    Is there anyway to get MAX of the drive forms abilitites?

    answer question please... Because i only have like level 3 of them.
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    Help With Drive Forms!

    yep...thats preeetttyyy simple. Is there only 7 bars you can get?
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    Help With Drive Forms!

    Ok i really need help with the drive forms....first off....How do i level up my drive bar? Its only at level 6 and i have beaten the game...well pretty much, im just saved right before the final boss fight. Im a level 55 or something. So does anyone know how i can level it up??? ALSO. For...
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    How do you obtain "glide"

    How do you obtain the ability glide? im like a level 55. and i chose sword first in the beginning and i still havent gotten it!
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    DBZ budokai tenkaichi 2

    Its in progress. theres gonna be over 100 characters and its going to be for ps2 and for nintendo revoluiton. Ill get you the scan. "DBA budokai tenkaichi 2" and pikkons sure to be in it!
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    yeah i having problems with this too! i just cant beat him the last fight. whenever im riku i always die. Should i just use dark aura?
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    HELP!! POSTER DUTY in twilight town

    when do i get the abilities quick run and glide?
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    The "How far are you in KHII" thread.

    sucks for him...im takin my time...Im at underworld with auron.
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    Need help finding coggsworth

    why would coggsworth be in land of dragons? hes originated ni Beauty and the beast. beasts castle....
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    KH2 Really Needed A Reaction Error System...

    stop whining. Its an awesome game. Reaction commands are fun and cool. period. tell me this...would you rather not have them in there at all?
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    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    Yay!!!!!!!!!1 i got kh2...well i like the opening. And right now i just beat axel at the struggle tounrament.
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    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    I just saw the kh2 commercial! it was cool. they put it together well.
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    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    Lmao tsk...i thought you had the game...thats how you got us the begining...
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    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    off topic: well alaska is cool, it has beautiful scenery. BUT its not my typwe of place really...cuz its winter to much and cold. but in summer it gets pretty hott. and nice. But the main reason i would wanna live somewhere else is cuz i play soccer uber much and this isnt the greatest place to...
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    KINGDOM HEARTS 2 gets an 8.7 from Gamespot!

    this is so fu**ed up. what is gamespots problem? there so dumb...
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    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    i guess you could say im lucky...why? No i havent got the game. But i live in Anchorage Alaska ( no i dont live in an igloo) lol. but yeah i dont think that anyone here is a KH fanatic as big as i am. So im not afriad of the stock of the game. because im going straight to the diamond mall after...
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    nunuu Agrabah vid

    sweeeet. I like the flying carpet part
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    The US Division Dropped The Ball...

    god i know. Why the hell did they have to edit all that stuff? the green blood...the typos...and now the guns? what D-bags. Disneys realy gettin me mad.
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    Luxrod V.A. (Spoilers)

    yeah im not spoilng the game for me no more...heh
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    NA Kh2 Leaked Thread (NO SPAM)

    ok people....who likes luxords voice? I WISH i could hear it! damn speakers...