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    Name of KH2 Secret Ending?

    I like Dark Horizons it kind of blends in with the tone of the keyblade war
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    Concerning Kairi

    Why do people not consider the keyblade she was givin as "real"?Many people also dont consider hers as the keyblade of the present and that you have to be chosen by a keyblade I think the reason a key was given to her was that she was always far from the battle and had no need to have it then...
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    visiting worlds?

    After the events of KH2 can sora still visit other worlds I mean are they connected still? all thruout the game Sora and the gang kept saying they would come back can he actually or was he just spouting empty promises?
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    kairi available in soras party?

    while it is a fugly keyblade the important thing is she has a weapon
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    kairi available in soras party?

    quite funny looking indeed
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    kairi available in soras party?

    she kinda looks like shes nervously swatting roaches
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    kairi available in soras party?

    ah well its cool that she has one
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    kairi available in soras party?

    well is she? she gets a keyblade right?Would be cool to have the three fighting alongside each other
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    anti sora pics?

    i cant find any official pics(i can only find screenshots) can someone post some?
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    Riku vs Roxas

    it was my friend /bitch who wrote that
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    Riku vs Roxas

    i like this game
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    Riku vs Roxas

    it is short (the cut scene)
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    ***SPOILER*** Theory on the three knights' identities

    actually if you look even closer in the extended dark horizon they are all duel wielding
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    Spoilers Keyblade war

    the thought scares me. seeing such a simple concept go so intricate like that . I dont think its a bad idea continuing the story in this way, but WOW I didnt think that they could find such a perfect way to keep me in suspense what do you guys think the keyblade wars will be about?
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    Sora's New Outfit

    whats with soras clothes changing in the train scenes (reverting to kh1 clothing)?
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    Riku... Finally. Confirming pictures

    THANK THE MAKER so happy to see blindfold man
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    rikus powers/abilities?

    can someone help me out.played kh1 but missed out on com. what can riku do with these dark powers ive heard bout?:confused: PS riku looks cool W/ the blind fold on:cool:
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    A new Ultima Weapon?

    i found the electric effect cool. ultima is my personal fave
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    Riku isn't the Blindfolded Unknown (Possibly)

    well go back earlier and consider the fact that DD MIGHT just be a concept and the BFU is just a metaphor for rikus needs. would anyone be disappointed that riku dosent wear a blindfold?
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    Sucks to be wrong huh?

    evil mickey