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    The Clone Wars

    Star Wars: The Clone Wars ...So who's going to see it?
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    Could BBS Not Be In The Past?

    No...the only concept depicted in the Final Mix + Secret Ending is him "splitting" in half to reveal The Apprentice.
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    Could BBS Not Be In The Past?

    ...The keyblades were also rusted in the Final Mix secret ending as well, which was not concept.
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    Help/Support ► Dad found my stash

    It amazes me how far the ignorance stretches on this board. Help & Support is not limited to just problems involving the community but real life problems as well. To suggest that he shouldn't post his problems on a forum that is specifically designed for that exact reason is foolish and shows...
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    Does the Title " Kingdom Hearts" fit in BBS

    Well it is a Kingdom Hearts product...
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    The Apprentice, Ven and Kairi

    Things to know before posting: 1: All my theories are based on evidence, not false claims. 2: If you disagree with any of my theories then tell me why, do not simply say "It just doesn't seem right to me...", I need feedback. 3: Stay on subject. Do not stray off and start talking about what you...
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    Help/Support ► Dad found my stash

    What's up with all the obnoxious lecturing on here? If he wants to smoke or (god forbid!) do drugs, then let him. It's not your place, or anyone else's on this forum to tell him what he needs to do or what he doesn't need to do.
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    KHInsider Official BBS Trailer discussion

    Seven, not counting the TCG. In order as released: Kingdom Hearts (PS2) Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix (PS2; JP) Kingdom Hearts: Mobile (Cellphone) Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (Nintendo Gameboy Advance) Kingdom Hearts 2 (PS2) Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix +: RE Chain of Memories (PS2;JP) Kingdom...
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    Is Coded canceled?

    Uh...WTF? This may possibly be the most ignorant post I've ever seen since I've been on this board. How the hell is it bad for Kingdom Hearts to go multi-platform? And I swear to god if you say: "Because it's milking the series for money.", I'm going to come to your house and rip your ****ing...
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    KHInsider Official BBS Trailer discussion

    The game looks pretty bad judging from the trailer. Of course it still is levels above the train wreck known as 358/2 Days...
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    KHInsider Official BBS Trailer discussion

    Re: BBS Trailer What I expect in the future: - Trailers using the exact same song for each and every one. Save for three which will replaced by the game's default battle music. - Lots of scans from Famitsu making the game look better than it actually is. - Several infections of "Japanese Game...