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    i have some questions

    for number 4, I always sort of thought that king Micky, Donald, and Goofy went back to the castle, and the note said that micky was giving them a gumi to visit and adventre with. That would be a cool start for KH3.
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    chacees of mickey

    I didn't even know that you could get him in battle. How do you do it?:confused:
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    Cosmic stuff

    I know that the cosmic ring and chain are the best armour in the game, but are there more cosmic things like cosmic earing or anything?
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    Oricalcum+ Help

    I did use the search function but i guess I just looked over it and didn't comprehend it sorry.
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    Oricalcum+ Help

    Thanks guys for all the help :thumbup: and sorry for the double post. My internets been stupid lately. PS. I hate the soud that the Sweet Memories Keyblade makes when you hit stuff.
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    Oricalcum+ Help

    Ya, thanks:thumbup:. I didnt even think of that. Do you know how to get the twilight gem so I can get that last orichalcum+?
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    Oricalcum+ Help

    Ya ,thanks:thumbup:. I didnt even think of anything like that.
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    Oricalcum+ Help

    I'v beaten the game and naturally want to go back and beat all the little things. One of them is to get the Ultima Weapon. I'v gotten all the other materials exept the Oricalcum+. I'v got the Hundred Acre Woods one, the Space Paranoid one, the Atlantica one, The World That Never Was, and know...
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    Where's micky's Gumi Ship

    I was wondering, does anybody know where King Micky's Gumi Ship is? I'm thinking it's at Radiant Garden or Twilight Town. Just wondering.