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    "Secret Episode" will focus on Apprentice Xehanort

    I liked the Recon missions, Really allowed me to get into how the Org. XIII members' minds work. Should have been more.
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    Does Terra ever learn to glide? Jump? Anything?

    I'd imagine you could get things like Aqua's double jump and Ven's glide through cheats/hacks bit things would get glitchy.
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    Birth by Sleep Novel!!!

    Sorry, I figured that Kingdom Hearts I would have been translated before CoM, II, and Days. My bad.
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    Kingdom Hearts 3D fighting system (Discussion)

    We don't know if Drive Forms are avaliable as when 3D takes place, we don't know, and weather Riku will be playable has yet to be seen. It's really too early for this.
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    Birth by Sleep Novel!!!

    I see CoM, II, and Days, but no Origional Kingdom Hearts I.
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    Anybody know wtf is with Disney Town?

    I've thought this as well but there is also a battle or two the would involve two capes on the battle feild at one times (Aqua's Ending) and it probably couldn't handle two so what would be the point of only giving Terra a cape? I wonder if the capes will be there if they have a flashback to...
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    I found a glitch involving Kairi! (spoilers)(video included)

    I noticed it when the scene first occured, Didn't have to check it out from the internet.
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    Birth by Sleep Novel!!!

    DISNEY! YOU PLANED TO RELEACE THE FIRST TWO NOVELS IN 2006! -The Newspaper the next morning- DISNEY HAS VANISHED! Everyone and anyone that has worked for Disney since 2006 has strangly vanished, never to be seen ever again. BTW, Was there suposed to be a Kingdom Hearts Novel on...
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    "Secret Episode" will focus on Apprentice Xehanort

    So? I'd love to walk through Radiant Garden without being attacked byt Heartless, Nobodies, and Unversed for once. Also, a game doesn't have to be oriented around battles, Parts of the origional Kingdom Hearts were puzzle based (Finding the peices of the Heartless Emblem in the Hollow Bastin...
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    New BBS Final Mix Secret Episode Details?

    ...Mysterious Figure is fought in LoD...I thought everyone knew that...
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    Best Abilties for Ven?

    Pretty much all of them are useful in one way or another. I'd get all of them anyways, just so you can cover all your bases. Your second question, I wouldn't care unless I was the only one.
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    How close were Ansem and Ienzeo really?

    I don't think Ienzo was lead through the act of betrayal. He himself may not have even know he was doing it. He looks to be around 5 or so but, with looks in these games, you really can't say the age.
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    How Dumb am I?

    I didn't either but I didn't die till The battle at Land of Departure towards the game's end, so I had no need to. I wish we could meld the Mirage Arena Friendship commands though because Mirage Arena is becoming repetitive.
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    BBS FM release date

    We're not 100% sure, or I'm not. We know their is something called "Secret Episode" which unlocks at the end of Final Episode or some requirement thing but we don't know if it'll be cutscenens or it will be a playable episode.
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    Level Grinding

    The Ammount of how much EXP you just recieved will be doubled, not your entire ammount, no matter house useful that would have been, from my understanding but be careful as to not take a step after killing the Unversed if you have EXP Walker.
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    Level Grinding

    Victory Pose is a command from the Mirgage Arena (Friendship Command) that doubles the last ammount of EXP you recieved. Gain 24 EXP Use Victory Pose Gain 24 more EXP
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    What level were you guys when you beat Wheel Master?

    I leveled myself to around 20 or so so I could get to Radian Garden or so without interuption.
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    Level Grinding

    I'll feel bad for Terra, Ven, and Aqua if the Mirage Arena fights are considered cannon.
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    I only got bored of them when I got to "I can't beat this boss. MUST GRIND!" and now I'm getting them to level 99 And I can tell you exactly how many attacks it will take to distroy a room of Unversed. I know all their attacks. It's annoying.
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    Level Grinding

    Ugh. Don't remind me of Monstero. So many hours of falling and climbing and getting lost in a whale's stomcahe. I DIDN'T THINK IT WAS HUMANLY (WHALE-LY, if you will) POSSIBLE!!!