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    Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ not coming to North America and Europe

    Link Meh, it was pretty obvious anyway.
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    Not much people would remember me...

    I haven't been here for quite a while now and just came to see how the forum is going. It's pretty much the same as always and I'm here to pretty much understand the whole ordeal of this KH FM+. But anyways I'm here to stay for a few short while and hello to the members and oldies that might...
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    Stupid theory but logical

    Damn if I was a mod, I will move this to Total Bull****
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    Riku Theory

    Anyway I have something else, what about that what whoever the peron was who said that quote: "The closer you get in to light. the greater your shadow becaomes". I think that this doesn't have to do with Sora but....Riku. Sora is the light and Riku is the darkness, Riku has always been Soras...
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    how is the best

    Na it was actually Ansem and anyway Riku is the real Keyblade master, at least he was supposed to be, And Sora could go and shove that keyblade right up his *censored*. LOL
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    Another Theroy

    To me BHK is a normal 15(maybe 16) year old kid with blonde hair, his own personality and fights good. I don't think that there is a conspiracy that he is another side of Sora or nothing. He's just a plain young kid, even in Chain of memories Sora say something of him remembering a former friend...
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    Riku Theory

    What is that sooo...... but.....wasn't Maleficent (or maybe Ansem) the one who gave Riku the Heart Unlocker? I think it was Ansem because why would the princesses help someone who is involved with there kidnapping? And not only that but create a blade that mimics the Kingdom Key (which was...
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    Stupid theory but logical

    LOL sorry but this theory is stupid, unlogical and pathetic. :) The only logical thing is that it's stupid. The thing of theories is that you have to think of what you are going to do in order to make something "logical". But you forgot the pathetic, irrational.....
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    Riku Theory

    Hehe, but I might do a couple of "Riku theories" at the mere furure.
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    Saving at the end?!?!?!?!?!

    LOL now this is definitely the nOObish RPG question I have heard of(j/k). In hardly EVERY RPG game you can't save it at the end it is stupid if you save it at the end because when you finally defeat a boss, what’s going to happen? The boss will be dead and they will be no purpose of having a...
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    My Theory

    But then why Sora at the end said that the Kingdom door wasn't darkness but light? Was that a miscalculation of them both? My thought is that the Kingdom Heart door is neither light nor darkness but a neutral state of what a person would perceive of it at the end of there journey.
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    My Theory

    Yeah, and thanks Nomura for screwing with are heads. But it's good because more members can comment about my theory and mount possibilities of there own.
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    Riku Theory

    LOl it's not that of a theory but more of just of a theory(can't come with another word for it XD) of how Riku has evolved thanks to the power of the darkness. More like his auto-biography.
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    My Theory

    *Possible Spoilers* Yeah that's what I thought of to but wasn't going to put every detail of everything. And I also think or there is two doors, (The one of light and the one of darkness) or that there is one door but changes on the will or goal of a person. Ansem wanting to have eternal...
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    My Theory

    Well ladies and kids, this Theory is all about the text written on World Terminus, (You know the rooms were there is this machine that has a screen but in the machine there is some sort of a text written by an unknown person. Or maybe another yet not completed Ansem Report. Or maybe it wasn't...
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    Riku Theory

    All of the three weapons Riku use are all associated with his feelings personality and future events. First of all the wooden sword. A traditional childish tool used both Riku and Sora. Them both using these weapons is not inconsequentional. That has to signify that Sora and Riku at the start...
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    my theories are the greatest

    WTF that theory is just all wrong. I don't think that Namine would do such a thing anymore. And I don't think that they will do such a thing again because KH2 will be just like playing Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, the story will be a lot similar like that and I don't think they won't do...
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    i but odd but KH2 related....

    Oh now i get it. LOL. But it's not confirmed.
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    i but odd but KH2 related....

    No I don't, and when you make a thread, plz make a good title for it becasue I didn't get anything, and you should also tell us what you found. Just a tip from a vet.;)
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    Fanfiction ► Why don't people read the fanfics that often?

    I'm sorry but I think this is one of the nOOb acts. LOL Just wait and have patience. They are a lot of fan fics and a lot of threads on this forum and not everybody as the time to read them al, and me personally I hate reading threads that are very long, and in my opinion I just don't like fan...