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    new birth by sleep trailer........ i think

    There appears to be no reason for a link, especialy if said trailer is a fan creation ...
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    BBS is not a virtual world!!!

    Hmm, this is starting to make me wonder if the Keyblades had there chains detached. When the keyblade appears it forms like multiple cogs spinning and flashing round the handle area, the moves Terra does during the fight in FM+ is the same Cogs that appear. There is much about Birth by Sleep...
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    Birth By Sleep = Computer simulation. (Small theory)

    Then following your theory, Terra must know that the whole world he is in his Virutal. Which isn't possible... We have not been given any true evidence to show that it is a Virtual World, we know for a fact that each Keyblade appears differently depending on the Keychain that is attached...
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    A very strange voice in the BBS Trailer

    Yes it was Ven gasping for air no weird voice, I am afraid.
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    BBS VIDEO!!!!!

    Very old... However I like watching it :)
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    Could BBS Not Be In The Past?

    I am in the mood for repeating others... It has been confirmed to be in the past.
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    Organization Members lied!!!

    Apparently Anger and Hate cause you to gain power or atleast believe you are stronger, so his words could mean that.
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    *Drum Roll* Oh yes... I am back :P

    Seftrex or... the Sef man or whatever you want to call me. Is back! Though most probably none of you even remember me :( But still :P
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    What kind of reviews for BBS?

    Now isn't the best time to start making a review for the game, it hasn't even been released yet :P Though, I do like the way you think :)
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    'Proud' Mode?..

    You didn't notice the option that said (PROUD MODE) on.... Whoa! But yes, in Final Mix+ there is a harder difficulty entitled Critical Mode.
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    I need help on Sephiroth. BAD.

    My Strategy is to loop him. Here is my view on how to: 1st Phase~ - Block his combo strikes. - Use Counterguard and attack him. - Your combo will most probably knock him back, quickly get right up against him and he will start a combo again. (Do this up to where he says his line.) 2nd Phase~...
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    Just a little Help

    Depends on what type of Playstation 2 you have, if it is the bulky or Retro PS2 then yes, you will need Swap Magic with the Slide Card. If it is the slim line, then you will need Swap Magic and the magic keys. (Lol it sounds like the name of a band)
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    Marluxia....giant noob?

    Marluxia is ok, he isn't cool or a noob but merely ok.
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    i have a thought about nomuras statement on"growing"

    Hmmm I actually like the sound of that and I hope that is what Nomura meant.
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    Kingdom Hearts ll & Kingdom Hearts ll Final Mix+ Discussion

    No... The menu's and so on will be in Japanese, the only thing that is in english is the voice's.
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    Kingdom Hearts ll & Kingdom Hearts ll Final Mix+ Discussion

    Yeah Swap Magic is the best solution :P
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    358/2 Days

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Discussion Gah! I wonder how different Kingdom Hearts 2 and CoM would of been if Axel and Vexen swapped elements :| *Shudders* "Freeze Baby!"
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    Petition For KHIIFM+ to come to America & EU

    QFT!!!!! (...Gah! 25 characters...)
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    Petition For KHIIFM+ to come to America & EU

    How many times has people said that Petitions do nothing? Just import it, not that hard (unless you have money issues).
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    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Discussion

    Well... I think that all of them will be the same however, Alice may be different. How old is she before she goes to Wonderland? I think she is like 10 or 11, so hmmm could work.