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    official release date

    I know the official release date for kingdom hearts 2. it is comfirmed to be released in 2006 dont believe me go to www.kh2.co.uk you will find it because they have the link to the official square enix site
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    Hey don't flame him/her if YOU look it say's 1 post stop flaming the new member jeez
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Realese confirmed ( For Japan )

    It better be released by christmas or there will be HELL TO PAY!!
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Realese confirmed ( For Japan )

    well at least they got the release date for japan and I hope that they give the U.S release date soon
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    Twilight Town Is The World In Deep Dive

    I believe that could be true though alot of memebers ask for proof
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    I know alot of you have played and beaten COM. what I saw in the ending of R/R was riku and mickey wearing the organization suits. why are they wearing them instead of their original clothes??? P.S I personally have nothing against the suits I was just wondering..
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    Something noticed

    sorry if someone has posted this already but I was checking out the new picture that the site got today [ the one with seifer ] and I looked at the picture with the enigmatic man and to my surprise I saw diz. where do you guys think they are and what do you think they could be talking about.
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    how far in one try!

    keyblade: kingdom key level:77 beat it in one try approximate time: 37 minutes
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    New picture of Axel in TT!!!!!

    I dunno, I have the same problem
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    Axel Vs. Bhk

    I think that diz sets up this fight by using axel to test bhk's abilities to see if he has the power to defeat the order and when axel kicks his butt, diz will come in and tell bhk that he needs more training and that if he wants to become stronger, he would have to seek out and protect the...
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    Do you think tt music...

    I think it will be the same as from COM
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    have you noticed

    Sorry if anyone has posted this already but if you look at the picture from disney castle where you see the gang ang merlin standing at the door. at the top left hand corner the outside of the door is shaped like the edge of a card from COM. would that mean that the door there would probably...
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    i got a question

    If you want to play khfm on your ps2. then your going to have to buy a mod chip that allows you to play imported games. I think they sell those on ebay but if you do buy one and install onto your ps2 then it will play your game for sure
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    need link

    Yes it was a fan made movie and it was posted on this site last year around christmas
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    need link

    hey I know this is old and all but if anyone can remember way back Im trying to find the music video from utada hikaru called tears of emotions that has several clips of kh2 in it but I had no luck so if anyone can find it can you post the link here please thanx
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    what do u think?

    If your asking where sora and the unknown is fighting, then there at the place known as deep dive
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    strange things

    they only said that the heartless have great fear of the keyblade that dosent mean that anyone else with a weapon cant kill them
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    New Video Guesswork

    not true, remember that sora had a growth sperg since kh1 he's not the same little guy as when they first met in final mix so it could be the enigmatic man just as well as anyone else
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    if you dont have many 8,9, or 0 cards try sleights they helped me out when i was in tight places
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    what character do you want in kh2??

    whats wrong with you. it's disney and square enix, nothing else, but keep your imagination up because imagination is key