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    Tips to Beat Sephirtoh?

    I just beat the game for the third time, and this time I'm trying to get all the Keyblades. I got the Ultima already, and I need to beat Sephiroth to get the last one. I just can't beat him. I'm level 55, so I figured I needed to gain some more exp. What would be the best place to do so...
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    Sephiroth lowest level

    In the 50's or 60's. I don't know why you would go through the game again trying to get a low level just to face him.
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    Sora's memories -----> Xion

    It's a good theory, but I'm not buying it, I'm going for the Roxas theory.
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    VAT Master

    Yeah, the new character hasn't been seen yet.
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    Hey KH Fans

    I have been obsesed with Kingdom Hearts since the day the first game came out. I have beeten Kingdom Hearts 1, 2, and Chain of Memories. I also have put probably over 100 hours on all game. I can't wait untill the 3 new games come out. A little bit about me: I like skateboarding, playing...