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    How to play FM+ on a EU PS2?

    i have a normal PAL one. its SCPH-50003....also would NTSC games work on a PAL tv? and are slide tools / flip tops easy and safe to use?
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    How to play FM+ on a EU PS2?

    im wondering..... whats easier? slide tool or flip up? cause i want Narultimate Ninja Accel....... also can i import games from the Us and play them?
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    Chat Agruement

    To those who know this concerns you, you are being unfair, kicking me just cause i thought you were wrong isn't a good reason. I thought you were wrong, and you said i'm wrong..i dont know why you could leave it at that...i wanted to drop the subject and you kept it going.
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    O_o where the hell is this fight? i didnt know u could fight Tifa in Kh2..... TELL ME!
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    Cup Help

    In the Cup where you fight alone but you can use summons (forget what it is called), you have to get 5000 points for the second objective in the journal.. anyone have any tips on how to do it? cause the best i can do is about 3000... it's not that i cant beat it (final form genie= <3) i just...
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    Pictures of the Kitten And Their Mum :D

    These are kidna bad quality, but whatever you can still make them out :D This is cleo while she was pregant:
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    Help/Support ► Awkward, or not? I need help...again.

    i kinda envy you in the way that you could go out on a whim and ask her..i would never be able to do that unless i knew that she liked me..
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    My Cat Gave Birth

    :D it happened today, she had been pregant for ages, and frankly she had got annoying. She had three and they are black and white like her mum... they are so cute :D
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    Help/Support ► I have a small problem.

    dude i would hate to be in that situation...good luck :D
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    Strongest Sora

    Just a random question that i would like to find out.. who has the strongest sora in kh2?? everyone post their attack stat( or power stat or what it is called) and we can see who has the strongest sora... mine is 101 :D
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    Welcome back to me :D

    hello :D i was very active this forum about a year ago...but i just wanted to introduce myself :D some you in the graphics section might know me...but if not hiya :D kinda just looking for new people to talk to and stuff..so stop in and say hiya :D
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    Wooden Sword

    Well It is a game. Do normal teenagers fight with swords on an ISland? DO darkball really live? The answer to both these questions is NO!
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    Ninjustu Designs Assignment 7

    Now got permisson from C4 to do this but If if SR_222 has a problem them I will get some to delete it. Well this a simple thing to do...you can amke your sig in any way you want but you have to use this stock: http://c-uncut.com/media/ff10-2-yuna13.jpg I am sorry if you dont like the stock...