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    Anti-Form: Analysis *VID*

    you have convinced me that you are right i thought anti-form was caused by abusive form use. that song in the background is tight and i dont even like music like that i think i liked it because it played well with the movie
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    How'd you beat Riku?

    all the cards in my deck are above level 5 and i always attacked from the back of riku to not get hit by a dark firagra and i waited till i got 3 goofy cards stacked them to do alot of damage and then 3 donald cards to heal your hp and do a strong magic attack to him
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    Favorite Organization Member

    I like roxas but my second favorite would have to be axel.
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    This May Be A Spoiler So Dont Read Unless You Really Want To.

    Roxas is the other side of Sora's heart and Namine is the other side of Kairi's. So why isnt Namine's name the reflection of Kairi's with an X in it like Roxas. On another website it says that Axel treats Roxas as a little brother and he doesnt want Roxas to fuse with Sora because if that...