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    Disney Town plot hole

    Perhaps it's more like this: Only the main character of each corresponding scenario goes to disney land. For example: In Terra's scenario perhaps only Terra goes to disney land while Ven and Aqua do not. In Aqua's scenario perhaps only Aqua goes to disney land while Ven and Terra do not...
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    has anyone got a pic?

    Re: has anyone got a pic of what ventus looks like mixed with vanitas? I must say I lol'd. BUt I don't think there are any pictures up yet...
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    playing order

    Psh he clearly underestimates my comprehension ability. Years of reading/editing shitty stories that have run away plots and a bunch of loose endings = I should think a story told repeatedly from three view points will be simpler. Besides I've always been of the impression that it would be...
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    playing order

    I'm going to pay the same way I was going to with one modification: Terra: Finish Beginning sequence. Switch. Ven: Finish Beginning sequence. Switch. Aqua: Finish Beginning sequence. Switch. Terra: Finish first world. Switch. Ven: Finish first world. Switch. Aqua: Finish first world. Switch...
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    Birth by Sleep Japanese Commercial [Translated] + download link. All Commercial Discussion go here

    Re: Birth by Sleep Japanese Commercial [Translated] + Download Link! Surely it makes SO much more sense to attribute every LITTLE change to the magic of the unverses, keyblades, nobodies, heartless... etc... Because real life physics and situations DEFINITELY don't apply in KH and GOD FORBID...
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    Predictions for Release

    So Japanese release: January? January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November or December. Hmm... My guess is May/June/July release :D
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    Birth by Sleep Japanese Commercial [Translated] + download link. All Commercial Discussion go here

    Re: terra vs aqua? really? I think it's definitely a training video to be honest.
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    Birth by Sleep Japanese Commercial [Translated] + download link. All Commercial Discussion go here

    Re: New BBS Commercial with translations [Translated] ^ This. In context with Ven, Aqua and then Terra fading in/out I think it's pretty safe to say it's a fade instead of a romantic scene. Also: What I'm wondering is could Ventus and Vanitas be two parts of the same person? Like with the...
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    New Famitsu Scans

    I think he'd look cute. In a teddy bear cute sort of way D: But I think Terra would be cute in a :love: sort of way... In any case, all these scans are getting me so excited for this game e-e
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    New Famitsu Scans

    I hope there really is an Atlantica ,_, Except I must say I'm all for the mer-Terra *0* Although Aqua may look cute... I guess. But I love how cute Kairi looks <3
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    New Scan: Olympus Coliseum + FF Character in BBS With Translations

    Re: New Scan: Olympus Coliseum + FF Character in BBS Awwwwe coliseum is confirmed... x_x I mean I guess it was evident that it would be present in some form previously... But I was hoping against hope we wouldn't have to play through D8 (Just to give you all a glimpse of my hatred for Coliseum...
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    I still really think he'll age for some reason or become a nobody afterwards ._. Seems too much of a blatant design choice for it not to be e_e Any other way and I'll probably get pissed off and scream "That's pretty much the dumbest thing ever Dx"
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    Which Order Are You Doing?

    I'm planning on doing them at the same time... Like: Aqua - finish first world -quit + reload- Terra - finish first world -quit + reload - Ven - finish first world -quit + reload- etc... However on the off chance I don't do this, I'd do either Aqua or Terra first. Simply because Aqua is...
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    WTF?! No Olympus Coliseum?!!

    Hmmm I'd LOVE to see Terra turn into a merman. :embarassed::love: As for no Olympus: As for what we've seen so far it seems likely that there will still be that world Dx Personally: I'd rather skip it/leave it out... So boring... It's probably my least favorite out of all of them Dx (Including...
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    why ienzo is small in the scan of bbs

    Perhaps it's some other third thing we/you/I/everyone is missing and probably can't guess at at all :) I mean I don't believe he'd make the mistake of having TWO individuals that age while having (like three now is it?) that don't age. Clearly something happens... perhaps something unexpected...
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    Birth by Sleep Not Coming to the PSP Go?

    Frankly I find this incredibly humorous... I mean really the PSP Go looks rather ugly in my opinion and the idea to make it not UMD compatible was a horrible idea in my opinion. I'll just do what I've done until now: Stick with my good old PSP. Much prefer the UMDs than all this download...
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    New VJump scans (Jan 2010 issue) (translated)

    I remember in some movie somewhere that involve cartoons (was it something as 'delightfully' entertaining as that one Loony Toon movie with MJ? Space Jam or something?) where the reasoning for cartoons not aging was something to do with how much fans love them? If people love them it's used as a...