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    new enemies bbs

    the thing i was thinking was maybe the first 6 of the 13 were like playing around and they created the new enemies no evil thing intended,except for MX...he saw an oportunity to make his plans come true .....(lol i dont know when org 13 was created so it makes sense in my head)....getting a...
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    new enemies bbs

    ohhh right....XD lol cant blame some1 that nvr fully played 1 and nvr played 2....i just play chain of memories XD
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    new enemies bbs

    hey i was thinking that maybe the new enemies are created by science...cuz all of the people in organization 13 were scientifics....so it would make sense that they were created....yeh
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    new square-enix games for 360

    lol Xbox 360 is so awsome they're gonna get 4 new square-enix games: -Final fantasy XIII -Infinite undiscovery -The last remnant -Star ocean:the last hope yay^^
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    Riku boss help... -,- :P

    i killed riku 4,lvl 41..but now im stuck after the battle XD oh and u can get zero cards by going to a moogle shop