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    collest boss

    KH1: Sephiroth KH2: Xigbar
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    Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

    Has anybody seen FF 7 ac ive seen it was awsome escpecially the Cloud VS Sephiroth battle
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    Who hates the KH2 Commercial?

    Its just a commercial
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    Why is it when Cloud and Sephiroth fight they go to this other dimension and then when u go to the Hades cup hes in there and why isnt he as equally strong as Sephiroth? It just doesnt make sence.
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    Message to Kh2 Lovers (i wanna tell you somethin!)

    OK two choices First get a chainsaw and rip his guts out or Tell him that if he doesnt say KH2 is cool a ghost will rape his dog tonight
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    Simple and Clean or Passion?

    Re: which kh main theme do u like beta Passion/sactauary
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    5 minutes tops
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    Me pwning sephiroth, Standard, NO HEAL o.o

    I think u could of used trinity a little more because the video was pretty lenghty but good job anyway :D
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    Favourite World?

    Timeless river because they looked cool and funny in black and white. Also i deffintly have to say Space Parenoids there clothes looked asome escpecially with drive. When u use Valor u look like a virus.
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    Favorite Organization Member

    Xigbar was awesome with his snipers.But his snipers looked like the carbine from Halo 2. i guess that was pretty cool.
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    lv 99

    Check stats on sig.
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    GameShark codes[Very Sorry if Old]

    yes its a CD
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    riku's true keyblade

    Wats the keyblades name where u fight him in the first game in Hollow Bastion?
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    GameShark codes[Very Sorry if Old]

    Re: Gameshark Does anybody know where to buy though ARMAX
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    GameShark codes[Very Sorry if Old]

    gameshark but do u know where u buy ARMAX
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    GameShark codes[Very Sorry if Old]

    Re: Gameshark Walmart has sometimes but go with bestbuy i think its $20
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    soras forms what would u pick.

    I dont know why people hate wisdom but i like it. Its magic is pretty strong wen u have max magics and the bullets r good once it levels up.
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    1000 heartless... easy as hell!!!!

    I wish they had the behmoth from the first game like when they showed in that video and some more enemies like 5000 heartless battle and also different types of enemies that will be awsome!!!!!!!