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    How Do I Get Hades Cup?

    Most likely yes. But you can always do the smart thing and find out. :)
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    Treasure chest in TT

    Hey guys, just runnin through the journal and i was wondering where to find the last chest on the first row in twilight town...anyone know?
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    Arrr I Cant Find A Character In Twilight Town!! Help!

    yeah, I had the same problem till I finished the struggle battles. Once you do that Setzer is put on the character files.
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    Secret Bosses

    your post doesn't make any sense, you say that a boss is only secret if you do a certain thing in the game......but then you say that you were able to fight the optional bosses after you reach a certain point in the game...... Certain thing=certain point? hmmmm............
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    Proof of the Third Symbol

    Did you miss KL's post or something, Disney villians were the first or second, i don't think order matters particularly between the two but yeah.... the last one doesn't make sense, the keyblade doesn't fight the nobodies because the nobodies are releasing the hearts that end up in kingdom...
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    Waht if the 3 knights were...

    How am I an idiot? Can you prove anything about what you just said?
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    Waht if the 3 knights were...

    i posted this in another thread a couple of minutes ago..... http://forums.khinsider.com/showthread.php?t=53346
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    Xemnas's Last Words

    But if it was in fact "the door to the light" the while ploy was suggesting, then why would it lead to destiny islands? they first time it was heard, he was still in the destiny islands.......that just doesn't make sense to me.
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    Waht if the 3 knights were...

    He opened A door OF light, which led him to Destiny Islands. Just like many pathways can be opened using the power of darkness, the same is possible using the power of light.....
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    roxas's heartless slaughter in TWTNW

    Killing the heartless to give power to Kingdom Hearts was Sora's job. The heartless in TWTNW were attacking him, so he was just protecting himself.
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    Waht if the 3 knights were...

    One thing I've been seeing a lot reading through this post is when Inner-Demon states that Sora's part of the story is complete. Where did you get that idea? Did Sora ever open the "door to the light?" I don't think so, in the first one, he defeated Xehanort's heartless and sealed the door of...
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    Infinite Experience

    Yeah, that's how I got to lvl. 99 myself :p
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    Do Org members age?

    Don't you have to exist to age?
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    will still never know zexion weapen was

    How can he not have a keyblade just because Roxas has one? That doesn't make sense. I'm not saying that I think that his weapon is a keyblade but still, can you try to explain yourself a little better? Maybe I just missed something...
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    Anti and Final Forms near opposites? and other stuff

    Well assuming that Sora has the Keyblade of light, and the description the game gives Final Form says that it unleashes the keyblades true power you can put two and two together. This is most likely irrelevant, but have you noticed that while your in final form and your moving around the...
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    Secret ending, plz don't get mad at me..

    haha common guys, you have to admit, they do look very power ranger-ish, no matter the matierial of the outfit or not, try and have a little fun huh?
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    Easy Leveling of Drive Forms and Summons

    Wait, doesn't wisdom form level up for every heartless destroyed? I don't think just any enemy works.
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    Some Storyline Questions

    Well technically that was the only time we actually saw Roxas use the keyblade, except for the battle between him a Sora, but that battle didn't actually happen happen.
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    Some Storyline Questions

    Then how was he able to weild Oblivion and Oathkeeper if he started out with just the Kingdom Key? They would have to be real keyblades in order to have the keychains changed like that. Since Roxas is Sora's nobody, he does retain part of the keyblade wielder in him. Sora's whole entity is a...