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    Shame on you KHI

    for not posting this up. How do they get away with it? - Plugged In - Yahoo! Games
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    WTF ever happened to MTV?

    I'm sure you guys remember the good days of MTV, they actually showed music videos and some other good shows. Nowadays, it's all those reality shows that aren't even based on real events. If you got an opinion about MTV from their past, and todays shows, pitch in.
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    The REAL reason why were fucked

    It's an interesting read. Do you think Arthur is right? The American dream was nothing but a book of fables? You be the judge when you click on the link up top.
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    World's deadly 12 gauge

    One hell of a deadly shotgun! I bet the black market will never get a weapon like this.
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    Help/Support ► Dragons.

    I agree, this makes no sense at all. The title doesn't fit right with something you're talking about Takuya.
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    Biohazard/RE artwork?

    Here is some of the stuff of RE artwork I did straight from Photobucket using neon effects. And my sig from Biohaze. If I can, I'll let papou girl post any RE artwork she's got. I'm sure whatever she has is pretty good.
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    What game(s) are you currently playing?

    Post in what game you're playing and what console. I'm most likely playing Tekken: Dark Resurrection on the PSP.
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    The existence of Belgium

    The existence is pretty anonymous in my opinion after reading this article here. Belgium Doesn't Exist! What do you guys think of this article, rip off, whatever you want to call it?
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    Here are some of the newer updates on RE5. After the previous update I posted in the other thread about the extended trailer, here are some of the stuff I heard about today. Gametrailers.com - Resident Evil 5 - TGS 08: Caves Gameplay (Cam) There was also an interview with Masachika Kawata on...