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  1. Dyed Red

    Halloweentown theory

    Could it be possible maybe for a world to have maybe different dimensions? That would make sense of Halloween Town and Twilight Town, one world but different places/dimensions within it. Just a theory.
  2. Dyed Red

    Heartless Questions

    I would assume that for question 4, the reason would have to do with the means of creation. I mean, for pure bloods, those are born from the darkness of one's heart after willingly succumbing to the darkness. Emblems are made artifically, stolen hearts, or people forced to succumb to darkness...
  3. Dyed Red

    I'm back :D

    Hey, wasn't too popular before xD But just though I'd let the people who did know me I'm around again :D Until school puts the shackles back on :'(
  4. Dyed Red

    Ansem SoD Emblem Heartless?

    That still doesn't change that he should be a pureblood, the way things unfolded... and I doubt that it's merely just an accessory.
  5. Dyed Red

    Ansem SoD Emblem Heartless?

    Just kind of confused. Ansem SoD has a heartless symbol on him, so that makes him a emblem heartless, right? And aren't emblem heartless the result of someone who has lost their heart? This confuses me because Xehanort succumbed to the darkness, so shouldn't his heartless be pureblood? Someone...
  6. Dyed Red

    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    Oh, sorry for not reading. Perhaps he's a friend of Yen Sid's and he's just helping prepare Riku and Sora? Edit: Or maybe a recollection of all of the past enemies created by Yen Sid to pit the two against one enemy that would force them to use all of their abilities and put them to an...
  7. Dyed Red

    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    Hey, I don't know if someone brought this up already, but hasn't it been stated that DDD will feature new original characters? Maybe MF is one of them?
  8. Dyed Red

    What Did Kingdom Hearts II do wrong?

    KH2, for me, went wrong with gameplay and difficulty. It was FAR too easy, and the triangle button reaction commands made the gameplay less fun since they more or less made things even easier.
  9. Dyed Red

    Why don't Sora, Riku or Kairi remember anything about Ven, Terra, and Aqua?

    Well, we don't really know whether Riku remembers or not. He might, possibly, but just won't talk about it since Terra told him to keep their talk/meet a secret.
  10. Dyed Red

    The World Ends With You Solo Remix Finally Returns to the App Store

    Re: The World Ends with You Not exactly sure. But the crowd of people able to see him are crowding around him rather than walking past like they did while he was playing the game makes it pretty clear he is visible, thus being alive. I guess he had to get used to be alive again and all, so he...
  11. Dyed Red

    Gears of War

    K, well I searched and didn't find any thread on this game, which puzzled me o.O Anyone play Gears? Excited for Gears 3? Favorite/least favorite weapons/characters? C'mon people, lets get to discussing this great game :D
  12. Dyed Red

    The World Ends With You Solo Remix Finally Returns to the App Store

    Re: The World Ends with You Neku didn't go through a fourth game. When he wakes up in the scramble after the last fight, if you look at the people behind him, instead of walking right past him as they usually do because they can't see him, they are crowded around where he is. I do hope you enjoy...
  13. Dyed Red

    Plotholes Thread

    What about times like, for example, when the ship was eaten up by Monstro?
  14. Dyed Red

    Confusion about Ven?

    Ugh, now I'm gonna be off topic, but if he's awoken, would retrieving Aqua to save him still be necessary? She's the only one who know the way into the Room of Waking, but is the same vice versa? Or can Ven just wake up and be all "-stretch- K, lets get outta here" ?
  15. Dyed Red

    Confusion about Ven?

    So it sounds to me like Ven might be awoken by the end of it...or at least close to being awoken.
  16. Dyed Red

    Plotholes Thread

    Lol, oh wow. Another plothole btw, where was the gummi-ship when they were in worlds o.O
  17. Dyed Red

    Confusion about Ven?

    Maybe that's what 3D is about o.o After the Mark of Mastery, Yen Sid will reveal to Sora how to heal Ven xD
  18. Dyed Red

    Confusion about Ven?

    So in that case, why is locating Ven's body even a big deal, after they locate his heart, couldn't they just wait until it's ready to go on it's own? Like, they can't force it...can they?
  19. Dyed Red

    Plotholes Thread

    Wait, wouldn't that mean that like, Sora could go and just be like, "Hey, this one looks cool, I'll take it" and then just wield it? o.O
  20. Dyed Red

    Chain of Memories Quesion

    Re: Chain of Mnemories Quesion Well, it's not really "playing along." From the recycled dialogue, my guess would be he's aware he's still in the castle, but doesn't recall the majority of the memories from the worlds he's going through. Not to mention, if he acknowledges it in Traverse Town...