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  1. Sparks

    and deception is the only felony

    so never kupo! nobody without telling me. It's been too long guys, I missed this :c /cnc requested pwease.
  2. Sparks

    Hi! My name is-

    Amber, and I'm a sucker for adorable lyrics, obviously ♥ definetly sotw entry unless you all say that it sucks :c I think that I went crazy on the sharpening...
  3. Sparks

    lets go a little harder

    No text... cnc pleeaaaseee
  4. Sparks

    Help/Support ► Memory Master: The Story of How I Got Justice

    Re: Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty I was shocked when I saw this. All this fuss was made about it, and now it's done, and she's free. I really didn't watch any of the trial, but I'm just shocked to see that she was found not guilty. I think it's just weird. And unbelievable. :/
  5. Sparks

    estrogen tagging

    i use it to make this. somethings wrong with his face, but I don't know what it is D: halp EDIT:
  6. Sparks

    hey! no! this is the GIRLS bathroom!

    might be sotw entry.
  7. Sparks


    This is a result from half my attention focused on finals. Idk how I feel about it :/ I was listening to abba songs when I made this :D V2 V3 (newest)
  8. Sparks

    broken glass

    FIRST NON OWL CITY TITLE! *gasp* D: Anyways I screwed the rule of thirds. I put the stock in the CENTER. Feedback please :D
  9. Sparks

    bee loves honey

    I hope it doesn't suck :v CnC pleeeze.
  10. Sparks

    how I became the sea

    I totally just redid almost this whole thing in less than ten minutes of posting it lol.
  11. Sparks


    Second time I've EVER used c4d's, and I used 7 of them on this tag. also: attempt at depth = baaaad Do what you do best DM.
  12. Sparks

    Well lets see here...

    I should post in here more often. EDIT: V2????!
  13. Sparks

    Help/Support ► Why do people have problems with the 25 Character Limit?

    Well it's not really a problem to me. For the most part, people should be over it by now anyways. It doesn't get in the way, and there are a ton of ways to easily get around it. It shouldn't be that big of a deal.
  14. Sparks

    Who here were fans...

    By the time that I finished the 1st game, the second game had just come out. I had no idea about CoM until I looked up the memories that were before Sora walked into Castle Oblivion, and found out about CoM, I had no GBA or DS at the time so I waited for Re:Com to come out.
  15. Sparks

    Happy Thanksgiving KHI!

    Well since I noticed that no one had made a Thanksgiving thread yet, I thought it would be nice to make one myself, just because I think this is a great holiday! I'm thankful for a lot of different things, but I just wanted to say this to everyone: Happy Thanksgiving KHInsider!!! c: Yeah, you...
  16. Sparks

    your kart drives me insane

    Entered for Signature of the Week this week so.... cnc?
  17. Sparks

    the freckles in your eyes

    Haven't posted in here in a long time but I have a few stuff to post, some old and some new, but I would just like some cnc pleeze c: Listed newest to older:
  18. Sparks

    Fanfiction ► Gloam (a series of mini Twilight parodies)

    Lol Buffy the Vampire Slayer <33 but I loved that one so much, I lol'd.... many times :3
  19. Sparks

    Fanfiction ► Gloam (a series of mini Twilight parodies)

    Hahahahahhaha I lol'd. Woe-is-me was pure win :P
  20. Sparks

    ☼ The Great Gesso Fanclub! ☼

    The Gesso Fanclub! :D This is a fanclub for Gesso, a funny, random, awesome, cool guy who really needed a fanclub! He likes anime, marshmallows, kitties, and photography, and has lots of friends ;) So JOIN!!! After every 50 pages there will be a blue party: Theme Songs...