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  1. Anti_Terra122

    Tech ► Art gallery

    what ever happened to the art gallery on KHI? i miss it because i like to see different art work by users of KHI>
  2. Anti_Terra122

    Does anyone remember the pre kh2 days ?

    o dam. i forgot about Roxas being the BHK
  3. Anti_Terra122

    Did Kairi really fall into darkness?

    because in KH1, Riku said that she has fallen to darkness but Kairi heart was in Sora's heart all along. so did she?
  4. Anti_Terra122

    Help/Support ► 2 huge irrelevant dilema

    dont know about number 1 but # 2 i choose MK. get lbp2 later and for the moive get it when it comes out so you can watch it over and over again!
  5. Anti_Terra122

    3D - Teleporting Worlds?

    thats a pretty cool idea. maybe you be playing two stories at once. it be like you have certain amount of time to play as them.
  6. Anti_Terra122

    Dumb, Dumber and Dumberer Wishes and Improvements [aka let's get KH less DUMB than it is]

    Re: Dream Drop Distance Wishes and Improvements [aka let's get KH less shit than it is] if its not really easy. i guess i be happy
  7. Anti_Terra122

    Which worlds do you NOT want in KH3D?

    hannah montana................sora with a wig on.....creepy........ 0_o
  8. Anti_Terra122

    Theory of the Sentiments

    very great theory. i like how you had proof to back you up unlike just putting it out there.
  9. Anti_Terra122

    In what order do you like KH?

    i play them as they came. like kh1, com, kh2, days , bbs
  10. Anti_Terra122

    need help finding something

    i need help finding a web site where it has what you get for each level. like for example when you reach level 2 ,you will get a hp boost.
  11. Anti_Terra122

    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    MF attacks what attacks do you hate most from the MF? i always die at the dam obs and sometimes at the tornado where knocks off your commands!! P.S. and i seem to do better when the MF theme song is playing.
  12. Anti_Terra122

    its been...

    ITS ONE YEAR SINCE I JOINED THE FORUMS...look at my post count
  13. Anti_Terra122


    Readers' Top 30 Characters Results Revealed - News - www.GameInformer.com Look sora made number 15 on Game Informer's Readers' Top 30 Characters list. discuss and enjoy. And of course The Halo mascot made # 1
  14. Anti_Terra122

    Kingdom Hearts Saga=100% until now

    wow well thats a huge task to do CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Anti_Terra122

    The "Say Good Things About Other Members" Thread

    On September 26, 2010 Four of my school's students die in a car wreck coming home late from a football game. One of these students was in my grade. We weren't close as friends, but we played tag together during 6th grade and it kills me to know he is gone... point of this thread is to tell...
  16. Anti_Terra122

    Birth by Sleep nominated for 5 IGN Best of 2010 Awards

    it will probably get 3 out of the 5 cant wait to see the out come
  17. Anti_Terra122


    honestly i dislike 3D movies, 3D ruins the movie. if you kinda think about it the movie is already is in 3D. to me,it ruins the movie do you like 3D or dislike it theres nothing wrong with it
  18. Anti_Terra122

    Why the Floods are purple in BBSFM

    wats the deal with people complaining about that. i see no problem with that.
  19. Anti_Terra122

    What would you rate BBS?

    i give it a 9.7 out of 10 cameras were a deal
  20. Anti_Terra122


    i play with yall tomorrow just add me cona155