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  1. Keybladerr

    Who's your favorite person (that you know personally)?

    And why? C: Mine's my best friend Sam. He's just the coolest <3 and we've been through a lot, surprisingly.
  2. Keybladerr

    The SoraxKairi Fanclub ;)

    nevermind!! theres already one :P : http://forums.khinsider.com/fanclubs/149331-sora-kairi-fanclub.html
  3. Keybladerr

    Re:Coded opening movie!!!

    Re: Coded opening movie!!! I did not blink once while watching this. Efffff yesssssssssssssssssss
  4. Keybladerr

    Sea Salt Ice Cream

    I'mma make some for my birthday party! i tried it once and it was s-o-g-double-o-d, good. :)
  5. Keybladerr

    Weirdest compliment you've ever gotten?

    Some random person at my school came up and told me "you're so cute, you remind me of a puppy!" i was like: o_0 thanks? Whats the weirdest compliment you've ever gotten?
  6. Keybladerr

    Is this thing real?

    ... Hahahah so today in History, I finished my work early so I looked up "lolwut" on google images and this came up on like, the 2nd page... Is it a real animal? Cause my friend laughed her butt of at it so on facebook she posted a different picture of it and if its fake...how can there be two...
  7. Keybladerr

    Ven is NOT a roxas clone

    I like to describe Ven as a Sora who looks like Roxas. His personality is Sora's But he looks like Roxas. The only reason Roxas looks like Ven is because Ven has been in Sora's heart ever since Sora was a little kid.
  8. Keybladerr

    List your BBS screw ups, or moments of pure blank mindedness.

    Command board. Command board. COMMAND BOARD. </3
  9. Keybladerr

    Why Vanitas Looks Like He Does

    I thought Ven talked to Sora at the veryyy begining of the game! cause his heart was incomplete edit: oh ahahah nevermind
  10. Keybladerr

    Favorite song EVER?

    Mine's Yellow by Coldplay :) YouTube - Coldplay - Yellow (Animation) What's yours?
  11. Keybladerr

    Are you satisfied by BBS?

    yeah, it was worth the wait. :) i'm very very very content with it!
  12. Keybladerr

    Do I look asian?

    Its weird. Everyone thinks I'm asian. I mean, asians are amazing!! I'm not saying they're different from anyone else cause I'm not racist. Everyone's equal. But a lot of people think I'm asian... I DON'T SEE IT! I'm spanish, american, and a little german... I'm just wondering.
  13. Keybladerr

    Organization Cloak at Hot Topic!

    I FREAKING LOVE HOT TOPIC!!!! The store kinda...scares me but my cousin forced me to go in there cause she wanted a rugrats shirt or something (yes they sell those at the hot topic store near me) and when on one of the aisle things, there was SO MUCH KINGDOM HEARTS STUFF! I almost screamed...
  14. Keybladerr

    Ideas for school dance?

    So we're having this dance thing sometime in November to raise money for the school district and I decided to join student council cause we have to make this one cool so people actually come. What's a good theme that everyone will like? And song ideas? We're all completely idea-less :(
  15. Keybladerr

    Unversed Return ?

    In Kingdom Hearts, ANYTHING is possible. Nomura always finds a way to make everything logical! So maybe!
  16. Keybladerr

    Most recent picture of yourself? (no matter how embarassing)

    hahahha i took this at like, 6 in the morning :P ALL NIGHTERRRR. <3 anddd i was checking out my hair cause I just dyed it back to black. :D POST YOUR MOST RECENT PHOTOS... STARTING.... NOWWWW!!!
  17. Keybladerr

    So... Xion's a puppet. Why the hell does she have a keyblade?

    Xion is a failed replica of Sora, therefore she can use the keyblade. But yeah, her heart was fake, I assume.
  18. Keybladerr

    What order are you gonna play in?

    I'mma play as Ven cause I lahve him C: Then I'm gonna play as Aqua Then Terra. I dunno how I decided but I just did haha. What order are you playing in? s1behindyou ?
  19. Keybladerr

    Are you getting BBS day one?

    Meh, I wish. Getting it for my birthday along with a PSP though :)
  20. Keybladerr

    Birth By Sleep NA Stream [major SPOILERS]

    Hahaha Ven "you're awful, Aqua." I say that to my friends :P but just when they're being mean to someone else.