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  1. IceBlueWings

    Help/Support ► Content, but lonely.

    I agree with this. And you shouldn't worry too much about 'using' someone, because in society you're going to 'use' people, and the same would for people who have any form of relationship with you. I've also had friends who went out with people they weren't really romantically attracted to at...
  2. IceBlueWings

    Help/Support ► Being Gay in a religion that is horribly against gays.

    I think it's great that you feel that way. I wish I had that kind of love too (well, I'll have to give myself more time until that happens, of course XD). That's right, Love is Love! :) It'll be okay, as long as you hold on to those feelings. I suppose there are just going to be those people who...
  3. IceBlueWings

    Help/Support ► I am officially a mother to be, for all the world to know and see

    This sounds so strange, when in the end you did have sex and you are now pregnant. I don't know, it just sounds really careless of you and your boyfriend/fiancee. But anyway, I think it's nice that you're positive about this (or you seem like it). Aw, it'll be so adorable if your son grew...
  4. IceBlueWings

    Help/Support ► Fatherhood

    So cute!~ X3 His lips are small and pouty and so adorable! Congratulations, I hope for all the best with you and this little boy!
  5. IceBlueWings

    Isle of Amor Azule ~ A Romance RP

    Isle of Amor Azule ~ A Romance RP (An Evangeline and IceBlueWings collabo~) Enrolled in the prestigious Dahlia Academy, you are on your way to a field trip to the wonderful country known as England. You can be excited, uninterested, or maybe seasick; you are traveling there by boat. As you take...
  6. IceBlueWings

    Help/Support ► Dealing with love troubles

    Exactly! :3 Make friends! Maybe you don't like huge crowds, but have those group of friends who you really love to hang out with, and have fun with. I never had a boyfriend in high school (well, I did, but they didn't last such a long time) and then I thought, well, I'll be going to college, so...
  7. IceBlueWings

    Help/Support ► Mumbling

    This happens to me often too. I don't think I'm really shy among my friends, but strangers, I would probably be shy. I become very hesitant at times. Still, I repeat myself sometimes, if I really feel like it should be heard. My brother had that mumbling thing when he was two or three years...
  8. IceBlueWings

    If you could take out one scene in KH2, what would it be?

    Am I the only one who liked Atlantica?? I really enjoyed the singing and Sora dancing!! He was just so adorable!! I just didn't like the scene where Kairi and Namine were running together in TWTNW before Saix stopped them (who was then stopped by Riku). I just...get so annoyed seeing them run...
  9. IceBlueWings

    The Silent Hero?

    How does that make him a hero? :o
  10. IceBlueWings

    The Silent Hero?

    *Bangs head on the wall* I forgot about that. Okay, he's a Hero because he's so manly. XP (kidding. I don't know.)
  11. IceBlueWings

    The Silent Hero?

    I watched this yesterday because I was bored. (But this freaked me out, seeing my favourite Pooh doing this.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PW2GhoItKkw Anyway, out of topic (and random too), sorry. :P He's Silent, because he doesn't talk much, and he's a Hero, because in CoM he sacrifices...
  12. IceBlueWings

    Help/Support ► I am lousy person

    Yes, never too late to start a small conversation, whatever it may be. I'm not very talkative to my parents too, but I've been more open than before. Sometimes I randomly tell them about things that's been happening in my life that they become slightly surprised. I even told my dad about who I...
  13. IceBlueWings

    Can someone help me?

    D: All I did was... Swim to her head and keep attacking her, and then when she does some attack, swim away really fast (with the Dolphin Kick or whatever the powered up swimming was called) when I'm low on HP, cast cure/potion (I'm sure you get cure by then, right?). I hardly rely on D&G in any...
  14. IceBlueWings

    Help/Support ► Same shit different day

    Same here. Except now I have to stress myself out with studying for my exams, but I'm pretty much not really bored with life. Even when I was going to school/college I wasn't bored at all despite it being the same thing over and over again. And I probably don't do crazy shit with my friends but...
  15. IceBlueWings

    Help/Support ► Rude family

    Re: rude family Did you add your name in the text? Because she might still not know who it really is.
  16. IceBlueWings

    Help/Support ► No You Can't Go

    You could have found a way to get to the convention yourself... I wonder why you didn't yell at her at least, if you didn't want to raise your hand at her. I would be so mad. That's a very, very rude and awful thing to do. As Shinkirō said, I would be really mad as well that she did it in the...
  17. IceBlueWings

    Help/Support ► Having to pick up the pieces once more

    That is wonderful. I was really sad because you were so troubled (I know that's weird but I tend to be like this). You can do it! X)
  18. IceBlueWings

    Help/Support ► Having to pick up the pieces once more

    Hey. Don't say that...where there are bad girls, there are good girls. Some girls go through this too. Forget about her. Like you said, there's probably someone out there who'll change your mind. I can't offer much advice but I'll cheer for your recovery!!
  19. IceBlueWings

    Help/Support ► Anyone care to comfort a broken heart?

    I love that movie. XD Yeah...you could watch that, if you want to. It's a nice movie. (And if your girlfriend's name was April then maybe you'll meet a June or May or whatever :/)
  20. IceBlueWings

    Help/Support ► Anyone care to comfort a broken heart?

    Well...it won't work immediately. After some time you'll be fine. Keep yourself calm and think positive. :D