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    Help with Emulator!

    I'm not a n00b! Anyway this thread can be locked
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    Help with Emulator!

    Everytime i try to run an PS2 emulator on my computer it doesn't work! I try to run my KH2FM+ file and like i said, doesn't work! Does any body have any suggestions? (Over than buying a JAP PS2 or Swap Magic) Cause i really want to play KH2FM+ again! The last time i played it was the time before...
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    Sonic Robo Blast 2 A Fan-Made Sonic the Hedgehog game for the PC by Sonic Team Jr.

    Anybody heard of this fan-made game? The current version is 1.09.4 The final demo before the final version comes out. It's 3-D and haves 3 zones with 3 acts. It has Super Sonic, a non-changing colors Hyper Sonic, Certain cheats, and a red echidna who kills you sending you to Red Volcano Zone...
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    Is Kingdom Hearts Re Com English Version coming out anytime soon?

    Get his old voice actor? If not DAMN IT!!!
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    The Legend of Sonic Hearts! RPG

    Summary: Gandorf has taken control off Hyrule and Link has escaped with Zelda to Green Hill Zone where they meet Sonic the Hedgehog and his pals who uses Chaos Control combined with the Tri-Force and takes them to Destiny Islands, where heartless, and nobodies have invaded! Now that Organzation...
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    Ed Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show!

    Coming November 1st (according to Imdb) Ed Edd and Eddy take an adventure to find Eddy's Brother! Secrets will be revealed, people will be revealed and injured. An one Ed will never return! (Just kidding) Go to The3Eds - Home for more information when its up and running again! P.S.: That...
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    Sorry about the other thread,

    About me being banned, and stuff you see lately i had problems in my life. Thread can be locked anytime.
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    Ban Me!

    I want to be banned now forever!
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    Make a Deleted Scene

    Make a KH Deleted Scebe. Here's Mine from KH COM: From Sora's Story after Riku Replica Fight 4: Riku R: Sora You truly showed me strenght and care for Namine! Sora: I relaize (sp?) now that Namine is not the one! Riku R: So YOU say Sora! Sora: That's It Riku! Sora slices Riku Replica Deleted...
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    How do I get the ultimate weapon in CoM?

    This is how I got it: I beat Sora's and Riku'd story then I went back to Sora's and found a treasure chest and opened it and a ultima came out! And i bought some from a moogle.
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    Maybe the villians are hiding in the darkness and will be awaken?

    Hey guys this might be my last post for a while, but Maybe these following villiains or enemies are hiding in the darkness, healing and will be reawaken by a stronger enemy in KHIII. A stronger enemy that might KILL Sora or the others in due time. This is the people that might be hiding in the...
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    Why I'm not worried about having a PSP to play BBS

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    Ed Edd n Eddy! Jujubes!

    In this RPG, Pick your favorite Ed Edd n Eddy characters! Missions are giving out to certain players! You'll will be given coins at certain times to unlock cool stuff! Just pick your characters and i will begin the 1st Cutscene: Characters: Ed Double D Eddy Sarah Jimmy Rolf Kevin Nazz Johnny...
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    Maybe Terra's going to double cross Malificent!

    Title says it all. Maybe Terra's going to double cross Malificent. Ideas? I mean think about it! He's goinig to help Malificent (probably kidnap Ven or Aqua, defeat Master Xenhort, share the thorwn, etc.) And then at the last second Terra foils Malificent's plan! But, hey that's my opinion! Any...
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    new 358/2 days scan

    I could translate it, but it might take hours of research!
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    Fanfiction ► Crossover: INVADER ED! (Invader ZIM and Ed Edd n Eddy.)

    Part 3, Stockpile: Zim walked into Edd's house. "So this is where most flesh monkies live?" Zim asked as Edd was trying to catch up. "Of course Zim. Now where do you want to go in my house?" Edd asked nicely. Zim looked around. "How about the...
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    Fanfiction ► Product: Shinobi

    Cool! Great storyline, You put in the best Naruto characters. 10/10
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    Fanfiction ► Crossover: INVADER ED! (Invader ZIM and Ed Edd n Eddy.)

    Part 2, New Kid: Back in the Cul-De-Sac, Eddy was walking home with a cast because of being discovered by Kevin, Nazz, Jimmy, and Sarah. "Sockhead was actually right for once. At the bad time." Eddy said angrily getting on his bed with a copy of...
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    Fanfiction ► Crossover: INVADER ED! (Invader ZIM and Ed Edd n Eddy.)

    Invader ZIM is crossing over with Ed Edd n Eddy! Now the residence of Peach Creek Cul-Da-Sac are being Invaded! Will The3Eds survive? Find out! Part 1, Moving Day: The Eds were outside trying to sell they’re brand new golden chocolate chip ice cream. "This will be a...
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    Is Ven or Aqua in trouble?

    Terra could be in a trance and is controlled by the old hag.