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    I need some plot ideas please!!!

    So I'm trying to get back into my writing groove but seem to be unable to get past my wall. :/ I'm looking to write a new story, preferably horror but open to other genres, but having a hard time thinking of a plot to work off of that isn't totally generic and not really overused. So if anyone...
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    Boot Camp in 6 days....

    Hey KHI :) Most of you probably don't know me, but i just wanted to say I will be sadly gone from this site for 8 weeks due to boot camp for the Navy. So i just wanted to say goodbye and see you guys soon. Also if anyone else has gone and has some advice, it would be much appreciated. Kinda...
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    Eddie Loves You! :)) (watch this :) )

    I saw this movie like 5 years back at the annual indy horror festival and it is a must see :) here is a synopsis; During a weekend alone, a man has a clear out of his old toys and throws the ripped Eddie into the bin. During the night Eddie is returned to him boxed on his doorstep. Is someone...
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    The Faeries of Blackheath Woods

    The meanest and coolest faeries ever :)http://www.fearnet.com/videos/b11962_faeries_of_blackheath_woods.html
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    Mr. Bubbs :)

    I found this short film, watching others as i usually do and fell in love with it. Tell me what you think :)http://www.fearnet.com/videos/b12812_mr_bubbs.html
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    PS3 Game Share anyone?

    I am quite bored at the moment and want to know if anyone wants to do a game share. I dont have much, just PS1 Classics. The classics are, Spyro the Dragon, Tomb Raider 3, Resident Evil 3, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Final Fantasy IX. If interested let me know what you have too :) The main thing...
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    PSN Ids

    Well since i just got my PS3 and am lacking on the friends department, i thought i would ask the good people of KHI if they would want to be friends :) So if you want to be my friend let me know :) My PSN ID is EvilDead77. Thanks :)
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    What to get?

    I just got my PS3! :) I now have Uncharted 2, Red Dead Redemption, Mod Nation Racers, Uncharted, and Silent Hill Homecoming. What else do you guys recommend?
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    Easiest Way To Become Level 100 in KH2

    The heartless on top of Pride rock using Gullwing and exp. boost. get too 99 in like an hour ::)
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    leveling up your drives

    Ok the easiest way to level these in my eyes. Valor:Timeless River. Run to the doors and enter the one on the left and just fight heartless and if you are about to run out of drive, leave the world through the big door. As you level it up you can go through more and more of the doors. Wisdom...
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    Diablo 2

    Does anyone here play Diablo 2?
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    Dual Wield Roxas

    Ok :) Thank you guys :) It helped me out :)
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    Burger King or McDonalds? (This is why you're fat.)

    I am doing a project for my AP Statistics class and want to know what you prefer. Burger King or McDonalds? Thanks in advance :)
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    Dual Wield Roxas

    Do you get zero gear after you beat the story mode?
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    Dual Wield Roxas

    I read somewhere you can use duel wield Roxas. Is this true or am i making it up? Thanks :)
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    BBS Na/Pal version may be available on psn

    They could easily boost their sales by putting it on PSN. Lets hope they do it :)
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    Hot Topic Presents: KH Merch!

    I know huh? There are holes like a week later :(
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    Hot Topic Presents: KH Merch!

    I almost bought one of the shirts but bought a Rocko's Modern Life shirt instead :P
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    Does Kingdom Hearts RE:Chain of Memories have a optional boss?

    Nope :( i wish there was though
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    Fiesta anyone?

    Anyone play this game? I just got back into playing it :) If so, what realm are you in?