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    I noticed something in the Secret Ending just now...

    True lets just hope hes like tricking us and may reveal something completely out of nowhere. Just hoping =P
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    I noticed something in the Secret Ending just now...

    Maybe thats a good thought. Perhaps thats why he can weild Soras keyblade? Just a thought though. Hope something, ANYTHING is revealed about it eventually. (and yes I know that Nomura is working on something else, nothing on it till like 2012 I know XD)
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    I noticed something in the Secret Ending just now...

    Yeah he does look quite Matrixish huh. As for you Ed-man it is not Sora. Nomura clearly stated that the new characters in the vid are not sora, Riku and Kairi they are completely new people that we havent seen yet.
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    I noticed something in the Secret Ending just now...

    Hey everyone I was just watching the secret ending of Kh2 and I decided to pause it occasionally and zoom in and when I stopped at the man in shadows walking towards/away from the Armored Keybladers it looked as if he was HOlding something. I cant post a pic because I dont know how =[ but watch...
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    hey guys i was just wondering if anyone had a vid of the bahumat summon. i know it freezes the game after it begins but i would like to see it begin at least. thanks:D
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    was KH2 worth it?

    it was sooo totally worth it its the only ps2 game ive played in the last month! lol
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    Ff7: Ac

    hey guys one of my friends told me that he rented the movie from blockbuster and the lip movements were still in japanese w/enlgish voicing is this true?
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    movie or game

    im pretty sure that this has been posted before but i wanted to ask, what would you prefer kh3 to be if they make one, movie or game. personally i would prefer a game.
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    another code thing sorry

    i looked on codejunies and all they have are the codes that come on the disc
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    another code thing sorry

    hey guys i know ive posted like 3 or four threads on this but i wanted to know if anyone knew the action replay code for being like auron in olympus and mulan in land of dragons. and dont post a link cause ive looked in all the sites and they dont have the action replay one just gameshark
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    roxas duel weild

    hey guys ive seen the action replay duel weild code for in roxas story but i saw a vid where you were roxas w/donald and goofy behind you like him duel weilding in soras story. does anyone know where i can find this particular code? thanks
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    another odd typo **maybe spoilers

    but why would he say "welp, lets go" it just kinda sounds odd XP
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    another odd typo **maybe spoilers

    did anyone else notice that whenever king mickey said "well" the subtitles said welp?? i just thought that was weird.
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    ultimate codes

    not all of them do some arent there edit: such as the ones playing as auron in olympus coliseum and roxas in twilight town
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    ultimate codes

    hey guys where can i find a list to enter ultimate codes for the kh2 ultimate codes disc. can you send me a link thanks
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    final battle idea *maybe spoilers*

    hey guys me and my friend had an idea for the final battle. because roxas had sucha little part in the game, maybe when youre fighting xemnas, he could like (this might sound dumb but hey its just an idea) invade soras heart and then you play as roxas to fight him out. one last play as roxas. i...
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    wouldnt it be cool if......

    hey wouldnt it be cool if disney remade the disney movies or just certain scenes where like in the background you could see the shadow of sora, donald and goofy walking by to show that they were leaving that world. god knows it will never happen but wouldnt it be awesome!!!
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    Me pwning sephiroth, Standard, NO HEAL o.o

    nice job dude that was probably the best 5 minutes of my life. im gonna use ur technique next time. three thumbs up! oh and the hover thing is glide but you can just hold sqare to hover you get it by leveling up final form and the spinny thing is aerial dodge you get it by leveling up master form
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    kh2 codes

    thanks but how bhout a link where i can buy the actual thing
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    kh2 codes

    hey everyone i was just wondering i heard somewhere that kh2 had its own code game. if so is it out in america and if not what can i get to get codes for kh2 cause i keep reading about all these things like playing as mickey and stuff. if someone knows can they post a link as to where i can buy...