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  1. The Enigmatic Man

    Which battle do you like? (KH2)

    I'd say Axel vs. Roxas due to their history as former friends and Axel's amazing display of power as well as the fact that he wasn't exactly destroyed by a keyblade wielder(let alone a dual-wielder) like the rest of his Organization comrades which showed Axel's superb fighting prowess.
  2. The Enigmatic Man

    Half a Decade!

    I've kept that email ever since I first registered here. Ahh, where does the time go? It feels good to say there have been countless memories on this forum that will always make me epic Lulz. A few names I'll never forget from back in 'o4 are Odin the Dark Knight/Master...
  3. The Enigmatic Man

    Most Epic Scene in the game?

    When Riku took Xemnas' hit and pushed Sora out of the way right after the laser-reflect sequence was touching. That moment amplified the epic-ness of Sora's dual wielding assault on Xemans because as we all know, it's always fun to see the hero get angry. Also, Axel's sacrifice was mainly epic...
  4. The Enigmatic Man

    How did you find out about Kingdom Hearts?

    When I first saw the commercial all I was obsessed with was the song. Everytime it came on I would up the volume and sing along :D I never knew anything about it until my friend bought it and told me it had Final Fantasy characters. Even then I wasn't too excited until I actually played it. Then...
  5. The Enigmatic Man

    who has finished KH1, lvl. 100, secret ending and ultima weapon & defeated Sephiroth?

    Re: who has finished KH1, lvl. 100, secret ending and ultima weapon & defeated Sephir Well I reached level 100 and attained Ultima Weapon because I wanted to and then upon seeing the famous Sephiroth as a boss I simply had to defeat him. However I lost the game and by the time I found it there...
  6. The Enigmatic Man

    Evilish Nobodies??

    Well this is all really a matter of perspective. It's all who we think was the most evil based on their actions and even though they all claimed to be searching for a heart they all contributed in the almost destruction of countless worlds had it not been for Sora and the others. The road to...
  7. The Enigmatic Man

    Is Traverse Town crap music?

    I loved Traverse Town's music, but hey that's just me.
  8. The Enigmatic Man

    Help/Support ► sum advice here plz

    He just crossed the line. I was joking about the shoot him but I'm serious about the fighting. That was it right there now you have to take action and do something. One question, what did your girl friend say? How does she feel about all of this?
  9. The Enigmatic Man

    Help/Support ► sum advice here plz

    Don't listen to mine I barely skimmed through the problem. I was just laughing because cheating is -1 point but with your friend like -5 points on both parts and I guess forgiving that seems pretty difficult for most to do but if you are fine with it then hey you do you. I was being a jackass...
  10. The Enigmatic Man

    Help/Support ► sum advice here plz

    Pshh go get a gun and shoot him, bury the body in your backyard. Or...Confront him about it straight up. This is pretty funny because if my girl cheated on me it would be a maybe on if we would even get back together but to cheat on a friend is like even more severe as to the point of not...
  11. The Enigmatic Man

    What's the story? Can you help me?

    The 13th Order = Organization XIII So far you're only getting bits of correct answers so let's clear this up. We have Organization XIII, a group of 13[XIII] nobodies. Six of those nobodies gets dispatched to Castle Oblivion where Marluxia is in charge. Those six nobodies include Marluxia...
  12. The Enigmatic Man

    Oblivion's powers

    .:Sigh:. Wow I meant you can't have the same battle system as in KH1 and KH2 on a gameboy, I thought you would have used your common sense. I would love to see how you would figure using reaction commands, the command thing(attack, magic, item) on a gameboy which only has L, R, directional pad...
  13. The Enigmatic Man

    Oblivion's powers

    Wow, well about cards...I don't think anyone can figure that out I'm guessing it was just something for the Gameboy thing because you can't have the same battle systems on a PS2 and a Gameboy Advance.
  14. The Enigmatic Man

    Oblivion's powers

    Okay this is the borderline 3 people, myself included just said that Namine is the reason for Castle Oblivion's memory loss powers so hopefully we don't see anymore posts re-stating what we already said...
  15. The Enigmatic Man

    Oblivion's powers

    No it doesn't have any powers without Namine. I'm guessing he's talking about the effect of walking into the Castle and losing your memories. Namine is the one with the powers so without her the Castle is just another castle. How she got those powers is beyond me.
  16. The Enigmatic Man

    Favorite Org. Member

    Man I've seen 10 of these exact same threads over and over again but whatever. I like Axel and Saix but I guess i'll vote for Axel since i've liked him longer.
  17. The Enigmatic Man

    Is it me, or is KH2 less chalenging than the first one?

    Honestly I liked both Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2 but I do have to admit that the first time experiencing everything from a new weapon never seen before [keyblade] and having two great companies coming together to give the best characters both main or just friends/allies. Although I...
  18. The Enigmatic Man

    Help/Support ► Fear

    This is exactly what I used to do. Before when I first saw Darkness Falls, it made me fear what ever could be lurking in the shadows waiting for you to peek. One night in my old room before I moved into my upstairs apartment, I had a bean bag chair on the floor and I would always throw my...
  19. The Enigmatic Man

    faveroute boss

    Sora Story: Axel 2nd time only because it wasn't hard, I was basically toying with him and if I recorded it, it would have been cool to watch the way I played it out. Yet no challenge did reduce it's quality overall. Riku Story: Fake Riku final time because fighting someone who is using your...
  20. The Enigmatic Man

    have you beaten the game?

    It took me a while to beat Sora's Story because my CP was too low because I usually would increase HP or learn a new sleight which wasn't good. Anyway once I beat Axel and then beat the game it was 24 hrs: 47 min: 37 sec with Sora at level 62 and then in Reverse Rebirth it only took me literally...