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    Music ► Little Talks - Thoughts?

    ghb6eDopW8I Anyone knows what these lyrics are baout? Here they are : Some say it's about a marriage getting divorced, or one where the husband dies. Others say it's about falling asleep, or a girl that has anorexia. I personally think it's about a girl with autism or schizophrenia. Go on and...
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    index Does anyone know something about this? It really intrigues me. There are many interesting things, like in the end it says ''Copyfight 2011'' instead of ''Copyright 2011''.
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    Already playing? Get in here! Your BbS impressions thread.

    I firetrucking LOVED this game! it all makese sense now! I kinda hated Aqua's story at first, but then, with all that leads to the Final Episode, I ended loving it 4.8/5
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    Puppy-throwing girl

    I can't believe this This is a pretty firetrucked up video, so watch at your own risk and please http://*******/c94Y31
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    ZgWPbnwsIeE Please, no ''It's a hoax!'' comments ASSUMING this is true, what do you think about it?
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    Cool pokemon images

    I think many may enjoy this pics
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    Help/Support ► Idk, Help I guess

    Told ya you should had to wait :D I'm guessing this is your Rejection Depression?
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    Help/Support ► Lonely D:

    www.Kongregate.com www.youtube.com I've just made your day :D
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    Help/Support ► Idk, Help I guess

    Better yet, you don't NEED to ask him for help. Just make sure you become a meber of his close friends circle, he will the automatically invite you to something with the others close friends, which is, hopefully, your girl It might. Her center of attraction is probably based on people of the...
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    Help/Support ► Idk, Help I guess

    I would recommend you NOT to talk to her on Facebook if you don't know her much. There are this girls from my school who add me on facebook and then talk to me (and I'm new at this school -_-) and I'm like ''Do I even know you?'' So ask your friend (the one you said you had in common) to go out...
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    Help/Support ► Funny Story Guys

    Meh, not that funny of a story :D When is this date, anyways? If you have time, I recommend you open up with the people you're already comfortable with. Then, when you talk to her, think of her as one of them, but at the end of every sentence, make sure you're eyes show she could be more than that.
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    Re: Coded Confirmed - New Images

    Re: Kingdom Hearts Recoded Why are people saying Recoded will be a different game from Coded? Recoded is obviously the english version of Coded (the remix). It couldn't be a different game, because we already an english VA is working on it. Now, if it were a different game, which, assuming by...
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    BbS Release Date Announced

    my birthday is on the 8th, so it'll be the best birthday ever :D
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    SE site updates

    I can clearly see namine, look at the top right corner. I don't think they've misplaced riku and donald, but kairi and goofy
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    Two girls, one Cup

    Has anyone seen it? Have you filmed any Reaction videos? I would post the link, but I don't know if I can I saw it today. .... no comments
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    so all you kh nerds come over here

    Try to get the FM instead of the normal one. It'll make your experience WAY more fun
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    BBS rated E10+?

    The rating doesn't mean anything to me, it's just that if we don't get it to be T then it will be censored Nice time xD. Now bring back the reps or else no one will give a shit
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    BBS rated E10+?

    If It sensors anything (I haven't seen spoilers yet, but I know it gets kind of dirty with Braig) I will then buy the Japanese version to see it all... That's the only reason I want the game to be T
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    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep On PSN?

    Guess who's gonna be on the top one. I can already see the forum members kicking each others' crap just to be on this list
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    2 new bbs Screen Shots!!!!!!!!!

    Which CoM are you talking about? I think mine is fake because Kairi/Namine were some fucking important characters So true...