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  1. chibi:3

    Organization Cloak at Hot Topic!

    xD Made my day. *claps* sdfghjkljhgfds
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    this saved my kingdom hearts experience.

    Yes!! It took me an eternity! So, I gave up on it for a little while.Then a few months later tried again, and i beat him on my first try ;D
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    A dumb little question! XP

    I just don't think the creator of the game even put any thought into it.
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    Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories

    I actually stopped playing when I made it to the first world after Traverse Town. I found it very annoying, and couldn't get the hang of it. So, I went on Youtube and watched all the cutscenes >.< I feel very unaccomplished, but, it was a great story. I'm sure I'll try playing it again sometime.
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: Reborn from the Darkness (ORIGINAL) [Rewrite is currently at prologue part 1]

    Re: Kingdom Hearts: Reborn from the Darkness (Contains BBS and Days spoilers) I just finished the first chaper, and this is really good. Most fanfics I have read don't really catch my attention. I shall be reading the rest of these before I go to bed tonight. :D
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    why do so many people dislike 358/2 days

    I lurve Days. I'm playing it right now actually. ^.^
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    Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories

    I actually just started playing this game today. Its okay. I don't know much of the story line yet, but it is still fun nonetheless. The game play just takes a little getting used to.
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    whatis your sadst moment in kingdom hearts

    I also cried at the end of KH2, sad as that may sound, when Sora puts the star in Kairi's hand. And, the fact that I thought there wasnt going to be any others. Aha.
  9. chibi:3

    whatis your sadst moment in kingdom hearts

    End of the game. When Kairi cries. ): I'm 15, and I still cried.
  10. chibi:3

    Maleficent's Storyline in KH 2

    I think it was because Sora had already had defeated her in KH and, the Organiation was what most of the plot was revolving around.
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    what is your least favorite heartless?

    whenever i'm fighting the blue powerwilds they always jump at the exact time that i attack, which causes me to hit them away, so i cant hit them again, cause they jump all over the freakin place. >.<
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    Thoughts On Halloween Town?

    its my favorite, what do you think? o.o
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    what is your least favorite heartless?

    i have a new least favorite.. air soldiers. >.< you swing, and always, ALWAYS miss. ;o
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    Donald, Goofy, & other Disney characters.

    did you find them useful to you at all? i always hated donald cause he would die in 10 seconds. >.< but, he mastered magic so i always kept him in. but, the only time i thought any of them helpful was in kh1 when you fight guard armor, before you fight it, you have to fight the soldiers they...
  15. chibi:3

    Favourite Quotes

    "its my lucky star be sure to bring it back to me" - kairi. <3
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    hai, i'm lindsey. i'm new, but not exactly new to forums. it would be great if i could make some new friends on here. i also like kingdom hearts a ton. hence why i joined. ;D
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    what is your least favorite heartless?

    i'm not sure if this already a thread, i'm new. c: but, whats your least favorite heartless? mine is large body :B its a hassle. aha.