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    Help/Support ► Braces

    bite down on something - HARD. it really does help. more specifically: nibble on stuff.
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    Did Andrew Ryan truly die in Bioshock?

    Like the thread asks: did he really die? Did he not just get revived in a Vita Chamber?
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    This time, I really am. Thanks KHI for all the good debates. :)
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    Help/Support ► Time To Drop My Friends?

    So are you saying your friends all seperated, moved to a different table, and then, when you moved to sit with one group of your friends you knew the best, they made fun of you? =o
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    3D Realms shutting down?

    Link: Kotaku - Is Duke Nukem Developer 3D Realms Gone For Good? [Update] - Disturbance in the workforce =( Duke Nukem Forever might never come out.
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    Who's your favorite game developer and why?

    As the title suggests, name your favorite game developer and give reasons why that game developer is your favorite.
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    Back Sam

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    Leaving, also Sam

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    Is any religion truly ignorant?

    Seriously. Every religion have some form of god that created everyone and everything, right? And people always ask (athiests) where does your god come from? And, usually, our reply is 'We dunno'. Then, we (people who believe in a higher power) are usually called 'ignorant' for believing in...
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    David Jaffe's Blog

    Does anybody else read/watch his blog?
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    Anime: Basically a Talk show

    Don't you agree with me? It takes dozens of episodes to finish one single fight! Examples: Naruto, Bleach, Dragon Ball Z (worst of them all!)...there are many others, but I don't feel like listing them.
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    Prince of Persia (It's really disappointing me)

    I bought Prince of Persia and I've been playing it for a while now.. and it's really a disappointment to me so far. The gameplay is boring, the story isn't interesting, and the visuals aren't 'wowing' me. Now, the graphics are really impressive, but I don't like the look of a painting for...
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    Did anybody else think this?

    I didn't buy the game. I purchased the GBA game-which I enjoyed. But I did not purchase the PS2 version.
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    Did anybody else think this?

    That's why I was going to buy it: for the enhanced graphics. But I just don't think it's worth the $30.00 . But, I'm not the hugest Kingdom Hearts fan, either. lol. I used to be but not anymore.
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    Did anybody else think this?

    Okay, I was pretty excited about Square Enix releasing KH Re: Chain of Memories in North America. I was ready to buy it and everything. A few days ago I went to buy it and I just thought this: I'm spending $30.00 (That's how much it costs where I live) of my precious money for a game I've...
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    Fable 2 DLC

    What's the difference between the free DLC and the 800 microsoft points DLC?
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    Help/Support ► I have this very strange problem

    Don't say anything. Because if you do say something, she will be offended and consider you a jerk.
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    Help/Support ► Advice please?

    Feeling pain and sorrow for a loved ones' death is completely natural. But your cousin doesn't want you living in agony for the rest of your life. Remember him, remember who he was and why you loved him, and move on with your life. Never forget your cousin and who he was, but move on and...
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    What exactly was the point?

    Evil people always seem to find a way to come back from the dead. So Sora took that way of coming back and locked it.
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    Help/Support ► dot dot dot

    If you love her, accept her for the way her family is. Talk to her parents and ask for their permission for you to take her on a date.