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    first attempt in 2 years

    i got the stocks and resources through Kaz's pac( thank you btw =] ) i didnt read any tuts, this was just the knowlegde i still had of graphics unfortunately im stuck...any suggestions? open to all comments and critiques =]
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    after 2 years i have returned!!! =]

    i doubt anyone remembers but for those who do.... HEY!!! =]
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    assistance please!

    im sorry i no this doesnt go here but i havnt logged on in 2 years and i doubt anyone remembers me but i havnt touched PS in months so i was wondering if anyone can give me good sites for renders, tutorials, PSD, anything please! and if u recognize me please come and say hi =] i will highly...
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    Why do Americans Hate Mexicans?

    like the titles says, why do u hate us, it seems bush is going out of his way so he can keep mexicans out, americans say that "mexicans dont pay taxes" and "there taking all are job" i realize that most americans only hate the illegal immigrants, but want about the immigrants who r trying to...
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    Why do you hate Atlantica?

    it suxed no action, just singing, to gurlish for me
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    Mickey's Letter

    Dear Sora, I have some bad news, before i left i did something stupid, last night me an kairi went to a club, an we both got kinda drunk an won thing lead to another an i found her dead on my bed in the morning, i dont no wat happen, i guess she got me mad i ended up killing her, i'm sorry, but...
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    Looking for sprites.

    if u guys want sprites go to rippers hangout in the graphics section, an if u want all the Kh2 sprites i suggest u go to the first page an go to threw all of them
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    I Noticed Something...

    why doesnt it matter it could hav something important
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    I Noticed Something...

    i also wondered wat the letter said
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    Favorite Organization Member

    AXEL!!!hes the best and i dont care about wat u people think:D
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    The world that never was glitch

    i was wonder about that rule, can u kick them out premently or just on the thread
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    The world that never was glitch

    thats cool
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    The world that never was glitch

    that cool i always wanted to go to japan, do u speak japanese
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    The world that never was glitch

    no i dont think its weird i was just wonder...were u born in japan
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    The world that never was glitch

    ur half black an japanese...cool
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    The world that never was glitch

    most of them r preveres, i heard that in japan the sell girls panties in vendin machines...thats no lie...thats wat i heard, an muffin man is rite
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    The world that never was glitch

    he wants to see a glitch that lets him see kairis panties
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    The world that never was glitch

    no but its not rite flaming someone just because there preverts..instead of flaming him why not just ignore the thread instead of flaming him
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    The world that never was glitch

    u guys r f***k up why would u say that to someone, so wat if hes a prevert that doesnt mine u can jugde him as a prevert...shame on u
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    Nobodies and Homunculi (spoilers)

    i noticed that too but didnt say anything