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  1. stardustfire

    Help with undefeated trophy in KHFM?

    Sweet I don't have to shoot myself today thanks :)
  2. stardustfire

    Help with undefeated trophy in KHFM?

    Ok I'm trying so hard to get this last trophy and I'm on the last Riku fight in hollow bastion. So lets say I seriously messed up and I pressed the continue on accident. But I didn't save. If I restart my system and start at that save again will that count as me using a continue?
  3. stardustfire

    News ► Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Release Date + Trailer!

    That trailer was absolutely incredible i'm still wondering who they where talking about at the end though
  4. stardustfire

    What would be your Fate?

    I would prefer going to the realm of darkness for 10 years. Because I feel like I would need time to think things over and how I should continue my life or if I should even continue my life. Who knows, maybe I could figure out all the unexplainable things that have been happening lately. But...
  5. stardustfire

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX Confirmed for North America & Europe!

    I was having a horrible day and this just made this ALOT better. Thank you so much KHI!!! The #1 best kingdom hearts news source on planet earth.
  6. stardustfire


    can someone teach me how to post a picture on a thread?
  7. stardustfire

    Kingdom Hearts 2.5 remix thoughts?

    You guys have a good point I'm just hoping they don't decide to put re-coded in at all haha. So do you think that square would put KH2FM BBSFM and maybe a special cutscene (Possibly pretty long) explaining the events of Birth by sleep volume 2? or A small game (like what seraph was talking...
  8. stardustfire

    Kingdom Hearts 2.5 remix thoughts?

    Ok haha but I don't think they would put BBSFM in 2.5 because that part of the storyline is before even 1.5 so that would't make any sense if they are trying to Re-release the series in chronological order. Which I think they are trying to do. and maybe the 1.5 and 2.5 numbers are connected to...
  9. stardustfire

    Kingdom Hearts 2.5 remix thoughts?

    Hey sorry if there was a post about this already but do you guys think there could be birth by sleep volume 2 in 2.5 remix? I say this because I really want to know what happened to aqua on the realm of darkness and I'm pretty sure (but not totally sure) that it would be in the time frame of the...
  10. stardustfire

    News ► Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMix Jump Festa Trailer

    O ya... ya I'm going to be crying again in 358/2...
  11. stardustfire

    Most attractive girl in kingdom hearts?

    I still can't decide between Kairi or Aqua hahahaha give me your thoughts? :)
  12. stardustfire

    IGN Kingdom hearts 3D mixed reviews!

    HAHA i agree i used to like call of duty when modern warfare 2 came out but then when they just did the EXACT same thing over and over i saw the light and played games that where actually worth playing (like kingdom hearts for example) and i agree some people just don't see the truth about...
  13. stardustfire

    IGN Kingdom hearts 3D mixed reviews!

    Kingdom Hearts 3DS, Batman Fan Remix, & Tony Hawk HD! - Mix'd Reviews - YouTube Good things about KH3D remember to say that you where entertained haha
  14. stardustfire

    IGN Strategize with KH3D!

    True but don't forget those days will drag out for as long as possible! haha
  15. stardustfire

    IGN Strategize with KH3D!

    Hey friends i don't know if anyone has found this yet but i noticed that IGN did a Strategize video in KH3D and it talk about how to use flowmotion! Kingdom Hearts 3D: Flowmotion Guide - IGN Strategize - IGN Video And there are just 5 more incredibly long days till the release in north...
  16. stardustfire

    Getting ready for KH3D.

    I'm almost done replaying the entire series (except re coded...i hate re coded haha) and i might have got spoiled with a few things but i am still incredibly exited!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOO the day it come out i will be first in line at my local gamestop and i will walk out with my beautiful mark...
  17. stardustfire

    Are YOU getting KH3D?

    I got the mark of mastery edition the first day it was announced and a few days later i went in there with a friend and i talked to the guy who was working there and he was obsessed with kingdom hearts just like me but he said even he couldn't get it because it sold out in...2 days...is it...
  18. stardustfire

    IGN Interviews Tai Yasue: The Making of KH3D

    I agree the same thing happened to me!!! haha and my friend (who does not really care about kingdom hearts) read a summery of the game for me and he said there is ALOT to look forward to so don't worry haha :D
  19. stardustfire

    A few questions about KH3D?

    Quick questions to anyone who has the japanese version of KH3D, so first can you guys use play coins in any kind of way in the game? cause it is bothering me that i have 300 and i haven't spent any play coins in a while and if i can't use them for kingdom hearts than ill just spend them all...