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    Fanfiction ► Someone Else [KH, Riku/Xion]

    Title: Someone Else Fandom: Kingdom Hearts Time-frame: 358/2 Days - Day 297 Characters: Xion, Riku Pairing: Most likely Summary: She didn't mind having it for the wrong reasons. He was willing to give it to her for all the right ones. ~♥~ It has been a while since she first met him. They...
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    Fanfiction ► Silver Strands [KH, Riku/Kairi]

    Title: Silver Strands Fandom: Kingdom Hearts Time-frame: Post Kingdom Hearts II Characters: Kairi, Riku, Sora-minor Pairing: Yes please. Summary: It's amazing, the things that make you show interest in someone. Even the smallest things can make hearts race and cheeks flare. Poor Kairi; she had...
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    Fanfiction ► Advice [KH, Sora/Namine with a touch of Terra]

    I find that whenever I try to write original, the concepts and character I try to come up with feel as unoriginal as they can be. So I prefer to work with something I KNOW is unoriginal and have my fun with it x3
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    Fanfiction ► Advice [KH, Sora/Namine with a touch of Terra]

    Why, thank you :"3 I'm quite flattered you like my fics so much ^0^
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    Fanfiction ► Their Day [KH - RokuShi]

    Title: Their Day Fandom: Kingdom Hearts Time-frame: 358/2 Days, somewhat early on Characters: Roxas, Xion, Axel-Minor Summary: It was a long, long day, but at least now they can rest easy, just the two of them Couple: Roxas/Xion Dedication: This is for my precious, awesome friend, karudoll over...
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    Fanfiction ► Somewhere to Belong [KH, Roku/Nami]

    That is indeed what I had in mind when writing this actually. I was more utilizing what was already established in the canon, both in the FM+ (with Roxas and Axel's consciousnesses meeting in TLTW [TT is more Traverse Town. Also TLTW is a canon abbreviation for Twilight Town, written on one...
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    Fanfiction ► Somewhere to Belong [KH, Roku/Nami]

    It's less so that I see them behaving like this with each other, but the behavior patterns I used are established within the canon. So yeah, IC. Raah~
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    Fanfiction ► Somewhere to Belong [KH, Roku/Nami]

    Well, some of my other fics are short. Crayola Smiles and Advice come to mind, but then again I was aiming to make this longer and a bit more insightful. Instead I ended with shadows of the concepts I wanted to explore xD;;; It still came out better than what I was even hoping for, though xD...
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    Fanfiction ► Somewhere to Belong [KH, Roku/Nami]

    Title: Somewhere to belong Fandom: Kingdom Hearts Timeline: Post KHII Characters: Roxas, Naminé Romance: Possibly. Notes: This was my share of an art-trade with MM-12 @ DA Summary: Even two such as they could find solace in one certain location, and in each other's company ~♥~ She wasn't a...
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    Fanfiction ► Distorted Butterfly Wings [KH - Sora/Naminé]

    Of course I would, it IS one of my KH OTPs o.o;
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    Fanfiction ► Distorted Butterfly Wings [KH - Sora/Naminé]

    Well Riku's reserved to someone else to me :P don't make me pull back up the fic you wrote for that same couple all those years back XD >:D Yeah but... Twilight :V Kid-Riku is over 9000 times manlier than anything that prances about in Twilight and you know it.
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    What do you think about Kingdom Hearts 1st person view?

    The only thing 1st person POV is good for is to stare into Goofy's mouth in KH, and then to see by how much Sora grew in KHII when you suddenly see above his hat X3
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    Neverland Prize Pods Problem

    The problem is that you need to leave the world if they're not there. Try spying differences in the groups of Unversed along the way. I recall them not being similar that one time the Prize Pods did show up, and don't forget to equip a Magnega before going up to the cliff. Better milk them...
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    Fanfiction ► Distorted Butterfly Wings [KH - Sora/Naminé]

    I'm sorry, I burst out laughing at this xD;;; As soon as we get Roxas or Ven out of Sora *whistles innocently* >3> ...you are banned from my fics. How dare you. HOW. DARE. YOU. *hiss*
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    Fanfiction ► Advice [KH, Sora/Namine with a touch of Terra]

    Will she meet Vanitas, too? XD; Going by the made-up Memories, the special bond didn't seem to be there until roughly when he made the promise. Recall that Namine was equally precious to both Sora and Riku, and the only reason why she seems to have a special bond with Sora is that we see the...
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    Fanfiction ► Advice [KH, Sora/Namine with a touch of Terra]

    The only problem with that is that Sora didn't meet Ven as a person, but I suppose that depends on how you think Namine's powers work, really. I think she'd have hidden behind either Riku, or the both of them, since Riku's the more "confident" of the trio. Inorite? Or being taught by them...
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    Fanfiction ► Crayola Smiles [KH, Sora/Naminé]

    Yeah, I couldn't find a way to connect this to that and figured I did enough of those so I let this one slide xD;;; Advice kind of started the trend with the punchline not being so painful and this is a continuation. I came to like happier SoNamis. They deserve it ;w; If you read Distorted...
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    So has anyone bought a PSP...

    Basically this. KH often is why I show interest in a console, but it's never the only game I have to play on it. Other than the PS2 who so far only had me bother with it over KH games, but I not only bought it for painfully cheap, but it now has like 3 KH games including Re:CoM, so it's all good...
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    I have a Question

    There's also the rather likely chance of the original CoM to be released through the virtual shop, no? Being a GBA game?