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  1. Reimei Tenshi 96

    What characters were you most excited to see in Birth By Sleep?

    I'm definitely excited to see Lea and Isa. They look soo cute in BBS hehe. I'm excited to see old characters as well like Donald and Goofy. It'll be weird not having them follow me around in BBS when I play it :P
  2. Reimei Tenshi 96

    Who suffered the most? Terra or Aqua?

    He is. Nobody found him yet.
  3. Reimei Tenshi 96

    I wonder why we never fight Vanitas in Terra's story

    If Terra fought Vanitas, there would be no point Master Xehanort's plan.
  4. Reimei Tenshi 96

    Who suffered the most? Terra or Aqua?

    I say Terra did. He didn't become a keyblade master (though there is a reason for that), he lost trust within his friends, he was used for Master Xehanort's plan and was later possesed by him (he was also used by other disney villians to reach their goals), and now he lives on (well sort of) in...
  5. Reimei Tenshi 96

    New Noob Everybody

    Hello KHinsider. I'm Reimei Tenshi 96 (you guys can call by whatever nickname). I've been a fan of KH for quite sometime now (2 years now I think) and I absolutely love the series. I fell in love with the minute I saw Axel..hehe. Besides KH being one I my interest, I listen to Korean music...