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    New Famitsu Scans

    Oh my goodness . . . It's a little Kairi . . . . . . 8D SHE'S SO FRICKIN' ADORABLE! *gathers little Kairi in arms and starts huggling her* Aww, she's such a sweetie! ^w^ . . . Okay, I just had a total Sakaki moment there. XDDD;; But still, little Kairi is little and cute. <3 I wanna play...
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    Xion's Theme's Theme

    For me, it sounds very melancholy and lonely, and reminds me of Through The Looking-Glass (And What Alice Found There) by Lewis Carroll, so yeah. :/ *shrug*
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    I have a theory that may link Xion....SPOILERS!

    Ice? Hmm, I don't know, kinda looked like glass to me. :/
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    New Gangan scans

    Aww. AWW! That just made my day! <3 I have a feeling I'm going to like Ven a lot if ever I play BBS. XDDDDDDD (That means, Ven = 'Caribbean Blue' by Enya makes sense! X3)
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    Two New Gameplay Videos

    Wonderland? WONDERLAND?! Oh gosh, I gotta see this! o.o *rushes off to see them* <33333333333333333
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    MelodiousNymph's Old And New . . . Fanart?

    Yes, you heard me right. Fanart. I've had a lot of fanart posted on dA, but I haven't been getting a lot of comments on them. So I decided to be an idiot and post all my fanarts here for comments and criticism. I don't know, I like knowing what people think of my art. That's just me, I guess...
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    Changing the Days Voice Actors

    Hmm, nope. I don't think I want anyone changed. I've heard most of the VAs, and they're all very good, and they all fit, so methinks there's no reason to change them. Though I do miss Hayden and Brittany a lot . . . But I'm sure Meghan and Alyson will do good jobs as Nami and Xi-Xi...
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    Days manga: chapter 1 scanlation

    Eeek! 358/2 Days manga! I'm such a happy fangirl right now~ <3 Let's see . . . Aww, Roxas was so adorable throughout the whole chapter. I loved the bit where he hid behind Axel because of Xi-Xi! XD And no offense Axel fans, but I found many of the puns directed at him pretty hilarious. :P...
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    New Famitsu Scan (Lilo & Stitch World)

    Ah! Nice to hear some new news about BBS. :) Ooh, a Lilo and Stich world? Teehee, Org_42 would be so happy when she hears about this! XD Methinks I'll go tell her now. :3
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    Pronounciation: Xion?

    Okay, I know the official pronounciation is 'shi-on', but personally, methinks it sounds better as 'si-yon'. That's how I've always pronounced her name. :3
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    Xion discussion: Love or hate

    Welllll . . . I'm a take-whatever's-thrown-at-you person, so I accept the fact that Xion exists. (Or doesn't exist, whatever. :P) And to tell the truth, I actually like Xi-Xi. (See, I even have a nickname for her. :P) I do for several reasons - one of the main ones is that she seems like an...
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    Who will you play as in Days?

    Knowing myself . . . Obviously, I'd be Demyx. I fangirl him too much, methinks. X3~ I'd be Larxene or Roxas, too. And it would be interesting playing as Donald or Goofy. *sage nod*
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    Latest Famitsu Interview with Tetsuya Nomura

    Ooh, this interview is interesting. Veeeeeeeeeeerrrry interesting. Didn't know there was lots about the KH series that have eluded my grasp until now. >.> If Demyx and Larxene's Others were lovers before~ . . . <333333333333 *brick'd!* And I didn't know other Org. members aside from Xemnas...
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    Confirmed Voice Actors for Days (UPDATED: Complete List)

    Re: Confirmed Voice Actors for Days Well, as much as I hate Camp Rock with all my being, my standards for voice acting don't really count for who they are or what they've done, but how good they are of a voice actor. (I mean, I can't stand Miley Cyrus, but she did do a good job as Penny in...
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    Confirmed Voice Actors for Days (UPDATED: Complete List)

    Re: Confirmed Voice Actors for Days Wait a minute . . . In KHII, during some gummi ship moments, Chip and Dale's voices are heard even when there are speech balloons. Do you think they'd have that for Days? :D (They'd better, or Square-Enix will have one angry Demyx fangirl headed their way...
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    Fanfiction ► Through The Shattered Looking-Glass [A Kingdom Hearts Poem]

    . . . Blame my love for Alice in Wonderland and 358/2 Days for this. >.> Okay, so my little sister and I were watching some cutscenes from 358/2 Days on YouTube. And there's this one cutscene, after Roxas' boss battle with someone . . . that someone is apparently glass-linked. So I wrote this...
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    A Very Merry Unbirthday To Me!

    . . . Really now, I'm using reverse psychology. :3 But really, today (the 30th of May) is my birthday! ^_^ You say it's your birthday. It's my birthday too, yeah. You say it's your birthday. We're gonna have a good time. I'm glad it's your birthday Happy birthday to you. ~Birthday, the...
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    Some of MelodiousNymph's Wacky Poetry

    . . . Okay, so they may not be wacky, but hey, everything Mel works on can be crazy enough to be sent over to Wonderland for a laugh. >.> Anyways, yep. Here you go, some pieces of poetry I've written up last year. Please do comment and say whatever you want about them, may they be good or bad -...
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    Fanfiction ► La Compilation (Kingdom Hearts: AU Infinities One Shot Series)

    Oh yay, thanks! ^_______^ Um, may I request a Demyx/Larxene romance? I pose it as a challenge, as I would like my request to involve: 1) Storms; 2) Being in love vs. Having no hearts; and 3) Demyx being a fan of the Beatles. Yes. X3 Just do me a favor and don't make Demyx a retard, we all...
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    Fanfiction ► La Compilation (Kingdom Hearts: AU Infinities One Shot Series)

    Ohh. XDDDDDDDDDDDDD Alright. Bringing Hakuna Matata to Twilight Town - Classic dramedy. I do not support Roxas/Olette (Roxas/Namine FTW <333) but that was cute, if not squeeshippery. The comedy bits of 'Can't You Feel The Love Tonight' were epic, as I can see Hayner and Pence singing that...