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    Yeah $39.99 should be the price for the NA release since it's basically the standard for PSP games. I wonder if they'll release a bundle pack with a PSP or something...
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    What I think

    In the TGS 2009 Trailer, didn't Eraqus say something like, "Master Xehanort is coming all this way to see you participate in the Keyblade Master Exams."? Or something along those lines.
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    the 2 main masters

    Could that make Mickey Sora's father? Gasp! JK LOL But i believe that there are numerous Keyblade masters i.e. all the damn Keyblades from the Keyblade War mentioned in the BBS TGS 2009 Trailer. And each of those masters could have numerous apprentices. We may only see the story from one...
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    xehanort & xehanort?

    I have a feeling Nomura has a team to research all these forums and get all theories together and then try to twist it into anything that does not even relate in the smallest way to any of our theories.
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    An Unbirth Theory...yes that's what I said.

    ^^ Ur spoiler's showing. I may be totally stating the obvious on this one but in COM doesn't Reverse Rebirth Kinda Mean Unbirth? Maybe that's a hidden reason as to why "Posessed" Riku <<(Forgot the common term) looks alot like DS. {Sorry if I'm posting a new theory inside yours Zeagal.}
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    Organization 13 weapons

    Xemnas with Oathkeeper and Oblivion would totally pwn everyone else.:36:
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    358/2 days and BBS manga

    If they do it won't be until after all the games are done. I don't think they would risk revealing and summarizing the main plot in manga before at least a couple thousand people have already beat the games.
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    Beta English version of 358/2 at E3?

    First Off "AHHHHHH" I believe that we're gonna get the same stuff at E3 that we got when Days was first previewed in Japan.
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    Could They Be Part Of The Current Orginization XIII In Days?

    Sorry i specifically forgot to mention that i was trying to figure out Xemnas' name. That's why I put down that mumbo jumbo. I think I had known that from b4 but just had one of those brain blasts. The most I can make of Xemnas without the X though is "names"
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    Could They Be Part Of The Current Orginization XIII In Days?

    Whoa! I just realized something weird. It's probably because I'm retarded and you guys all already know this but if you add an X to any of their real names you get their human names and vice versa.
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    Could They Be Part Of The Current Orginization XIII In Days?

    Are these guys the founding members of the Orginization we know today in Days? If so, which ones do you think/know they are?
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    Just had to share this idea about Xion

    I had just had one of those brain blast ideas! Look at 3:58 in this video.To expand on Chrono's theory I think Xion's appearance is that of Aqua's here because they don't show her face. I think this is because she has the memories from Roxas/Ven/Whoever and that alters her apperance because she...
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    roxas vs riku

    I'm actually guessing Axel will be the last boss and when Roxas fights and gets taken away by Riku to be a cutscene.
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    Which keyblades should be in Days?

    Oh wow, I always thought Oblivion was the Heart Unlocker. Well That One Then. Lol. I also forgot to include that I meant at the end of KH I at HB.
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    Next Nintendo Power - 358/2 Days Cover Story

    Aargh! it's the July issue. June's cover is Red Steel 2. I was finally getting my hopes up on getting some US Days news next month. The earliest we'll have anything in the US is June 12. }:
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    Which keyblades should be in Days?

    Well I guess I mean the Ansem posessed Riku then. Sorry guys, I get mixed up with all these real, fake, posessed, and replica peoples.
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    Secret Ending actual ending?

    I think this is the end because you can't have your protagonists still walking around after all this is done or this shows in the beginning but we don't know that it's the end until we beat the game and possibly say "hey look it's the ending". I also believe that what happens to Ven gives them a...
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    Which keyblades should be in Days?

    I would like to see a Namine keyblade from her charm just like how the Oathkeeper was from Kairi's charm. And probably something like Oblivion for Xemnas since Ansem SoD had Oblivion. X-D
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    Why the long faces?

    Lol hence the imo. It could be harder is my only issue.