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  1. Mynny

    Good vs. Classic

    I was checking out this site when I found this topic. Good anime VS Classic anime - AnimeNation Forums Basically, they're discussing what separates a good anime from a classic anime. I thought it was a pretty interesting subject and I wanted to know your thoughts. What makes an anime good...
  2. Mynny


    You ask a why question, the person below you answers and then asks another why question. For example: Member A: Why is the sky blue? Next Person: Because I said so. Why is there a monster in my room? Next Person: Because it lives there. Why... etc. etc. Let's begin! Why does Fred hate...
  3. Mynny

    Fanfiction ► Green Eggs and Heartless

    Please do! You're very creative, I'm impressed. But then again, I expected no less from you. ^.^
  4. Mynny

    Why are you here?

    My friend and I were just discussing this not too long ago. We're both in IB (short for International Baccalaureate Program) and when we first entered the program we were told we were in IB because "we were the best of the best, blah blah etc. etc." But of the 50 people in IB, I feel only maybe...
  5. Mynny

    Crush My Waffles

    Crush the waffles of the person above you. Use anything. *places a fresh plate of waffles on the table* Go.
  6. Mynny

    Make It or Break It

    I can't be the only one who watches this. So far I think it's pretty good.
  7. Mynny

    Am I Alone on This?

    I don't really like Re: CoM too much. It was initially the card system that annoyed me, but once I got better at it I was still disappointed. I didn't expect it to be as good as KH1, but I also didn't expect it to be worse than KH2. I feel like it was the same thing in each world only...
  8. Mynny

    Did you waste your money?

    no. Someone else bought it for me. But I don't think it was a waste. Once I got past the card system thing, the story was pretty interesting, and it cleared up the rest of what I didn't understand in kh2. But I did feel like the game was thrown together.
  9. Mynny

    Help/Support ► Nerves

    So my appointment for today was moved to next Tuesday, because the guy who was supposed to do it wasn't here today. >< But thanks for all the help, I appreciate it ^.^
  10. Mynny

    Help/Support ► Nerves

    Thanks...I'm a little less nervous...
  11. Mynny

    Help/Support ► Nerves

    So ten minutes ago my mom reminded me of my dentist appt. tomorrow. I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled. All of them. They're putting me to sleep, and I'm scared. My mom told me a while back that they put my aunt to sleep when she got her wisdom teeth pulled, and she almost died. Not...
  12. Mynny


    Anyone else watch this?
  13. Mynny

    Help/Support ► Forum Disputes

    Then it seems it'd be best for you not to respond.
  14. Mynny

    Help/Support ► Forum Disputes

    I just ignore it, and most times, quit posting in that thread altogether. But if I do get into an argument, no, I don't feel like any less of a person, b/c I'm standing behind my opinion. But I make sure that I don't try to force my opinion on others, because then yea it'd be stupid imo. this
  15. Mynny

    Help/Support ► Well...

    I think my mom momentarily considered another pet, but I don't know. If they want another one I won't protest, and if they don't I won't urge them to get another. I understand either way. Brutal, I'm truly sorry for your loss. I won't see them until monday, but by then I should be much...
  16. Mynny

    Help/Support ► Well...

    that's true. my mom told us the same thing. I did, but I feel as though nothing's rly changed.
  17. Mynny

    Help/Support ► Well...

    ...last night we had my dog put down. I can't explain how awesome he was or how much he meant to us. At least he's not going to be in pain anymore. But...my mom was really hurt by it, we all were but she was more attached than any of us and she's just heartbroken. I don't know what to do for...
  18. Mynny

    Ningacom Fanclub

    I know you said you didn't care but...I figured while I was at it, I might as well, y'know? Ningacom's Fans: Mynny Relentless Blitz Endless Reason All-Star Gamer Pelafina Reflection Zoidberg! Blendedhearts Dexel
  19. Mynny

    *♥*♥* Reflection Fanclub *♥*♥*

    One of the sweetest people you will ever meet!!!!!!!! ^.^ JOIN TODAY!!!!!!! ♥Reffie-chan's♥ Fans: Lolita !BRITTANY Cinollex Sapphire Skies RoseateDawn Chevalier Sombre Nocturne Mynny Crimson Neku99 KH3 for the wii afrobutt Bud Light Vandread Livi Clone Infinite Complex Danica Syer Nami...
  20. Mynny

    *~*Blendedhearts Fanclub*~*

    The ultimate! The awesome! The totally kewl! THE KING!!!!!! SHEN-KUN!!!!!!! Join now or be destroyed. ^.^ Shen-kun's Fans: Mynny- Your number one fan forever and for always! Bumblebee Neku99 Reflection Rixam Gildragon Dexel Infinite Mystery Cef the Demon Trainer and Resident Psycho Imp...