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    How to Make Sea Salt Ice Cream

    I actually made a sea salt ice-cream once. It tasted like custard. Not bad by any means...just not what I was expecting. Maybe should have used some more salt...
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    So...what was the point?

    Oh. I understand now. Thanks.
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    So...what was the point?

    What was the point of the mark of the mastery exam in the context of the story? Yen Sid already knew they were more than powerful enough, and they didn't seem to gain anything from their experience in the dream scape. Any ideas?
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    Level 1 Critical Mode run.

    Honestly, I don't see why you'd bother. A level 1 critical run is extremely difficult and consigns you to dozen upon dozen of guaranteed failures. It also limits the number of strategies you can utilize, when testing the game mechanics in every way is one of the only things left once you beat...
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    mini-games 100% in BBS

    Do what I do, ignore 100% completion! I used to go after that doggedly, until I played a game that offered hundreds of extra hours of tedium just to get that coveted title, and I realized it was pointless.
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    Anime/Manga ► Jojo's Bizarre Adventure ("Doesn't this street look familiar?!")

    Discuss anything related to the long-running manga "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure" by Hirohiko Araki here.
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    Keyblades=practical weapons?

    Of course a keyblade is impractical in real life. But in the games it is backed up by a significant amount of magical power. I would like to point out that Sora has cut clean through a building with what could be a Kingdom Key. There sharpness is proportional to the magic power of the user and...
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    Bleach Confrontation: Espada vs A Burning Soul

    Jaakuna vs Roland Oceanier. Both are in character. Location is the Hueco Mundo dessert. I'll try not to hound you about posting, but a response within 3 days sounds reasonable. I accept powerplaying to a fair degree. I want this to look like a fight, not a series of singular attacks. Both of us...
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    Fanfiction ► How Pokemon should end

    This would be a great way for a series to end... just not pokemon. If done well, it could be an excellent finale, but pokemon just doesn't work like this, and it would go against the tone of the entire series so far. It would be a controversial ending definately if it ended like this. I'd...
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    Favorite Scene?

    The scene right before Ven's final battle with Vanitus.
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    Gaping Plot Hole?

    Alright, everyone, please listen while I explain this (in my opinion) gaping plot hole. You would assume that when the Heartless invade any given world they take a ton of hearts by force before taking the Keyhole and the world itself, right? After all, the Heartless had been in Traverse Town for...
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    Malificent & Pete - The Castle That Never Was

    The castle was destroyed, remember? After they thought they had beaten Xemnas they were returned to the platform at the top of the castle, and after Namine teleported everyone but Sora and Riku away Xemnas attacked with that giant dragon. Seeing that it was powerful enough to knock the entire...
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    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    Alright, I admit I was reluctant to include time travel in my theory, mainly because it would make things vastly more complicated then just eliminating all impossibilities for that particular point in time. So lets say I roll with this time-travel theory. Who would you say is the mysterious figure?
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    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    Alright, with all of this speculation going on, I have decided to make a comprehensive list of every original kingdom hearts character (honestly, there’s no way the Mysterious figure is going to turn out to be a Disney character), and weigh the possibilities of any of them being the Mysterious...
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    What is Terra thinking?

    If you recall, Terra ended up as the Lingering Sentiment after being trapped in his own suit of armor at the Keyblade graveyard. Using this armor, he beats down Xehanort, then just.... stops. Alright, what is the reason for this? He said in his own words that he'd "set things right" but as far...
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    What if...

    Ventus would have died, meaning that Xehanort would have decided to use one of Eraqus' pupils to forge the x-blade instead. This means he would have visited The Land of Departure and things would have gone as they did in the game except Ventus would be excluded. That means that instead of...
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    Where To Roleplay?

    I was just looking through the rp forum and It just seemed that there were so few active rps at the moment, about a dozen. I was wondering, has anyone seen any other sites where there are some good, active rps?