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  1. Reian

    What do you think the Final Mix Secret Ending is gonna be?

    Reconnect, My bad. In-case if you still haven't heard of it. They showed a tiny bit of it in the BBS regular secret ending.
  2. Reian

    What do you think the Final Mix Secret Ending is gonna be?

    CGI for the psp might be too much if its more then 3 minutes. I'd like to hear more about Kingdom Hearts Connect.
  3. Reian

    The 4th Wallpaper @NA BBS Website

    I guess one side is gonna be where you put your desktop items are going to be at. Either ways, its a kicking Wallpaper man.
  4. Reian

    Am I the only one who....

    Can i join the group? I really enjoyed KH2 more, I don't know exactly why, But when i got the first one after the 2nd. I pretty much hated it. It was mostly too confusing and un-player friendly.
  5. Reian

    Rusty and Noobie.

    CnC. Please be vicious. :3
  6. Reian

    Occasional Newbie Thread (Sort of)

    Uhmm..what to say? Well first off, hi. lols I'm like the rest of you, am a KH fan. I've been a GFX artist for a year, but i haven't used PS in long shizziet time. (fellow Korean BTW.) Say hi pwease :3.