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    Snow's poetry frenzy

    Recently, I found out that poetry is a nice way to vent out my feelings, especially those that burst out from my mental 'lock' after my recent defeats. Therefore, most poems are dark, because the emotions I locked up are more the darker emotions, such as anger, revenge etc. These are my way of...
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    Iced Lemon Tea

    Iced Lemon Tea The tang, the chill, the sweetness A small beverage, a medley of concoctions, blending seamlessly, perfectly. The initial slaking of thirst, ice cool, chilling, soothing. The taste of sweet tea, gladdening aching buds. Then the sourness wipes out that feeling of bliss. And...
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    Smile On my face, a small curve, so bright, so radiant. What a farce. Another layer, a mask of ideals forced through sheer will. Perhaps if you, or perhaps you can't, try to enter me, You can see: The darkness in my heart; The resignation in my sighs; The cloudiness of my mind; The empty...
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    Yet another 'OMG 1 YEAR' thread

    Yep, tomorrow I'm going to have officially wasted one year of my life here. Posting this now because tomorrow I'll be too tied up with school to be posting this. Technically, I can't believe I've stayed on for so long, but well, it happened. And it's been fun, people!
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    Internet Connection Thing

    The thing about it is, the ISP in my country sucks. Squeeze too many packets through a system and you'll lose more and more as the system gets more and more busy at night. Sometimes, I want to download a file overnight, considering that in the day it doesn't download fast anyway. The problem...
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    Help/Support ► What is this mechanical stuff on my teeth?!?

    Apples, pears, etc. Some vegetables are pretty hard too. Meat is hard to handle too.
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    Help/Support ► What is this mechanical stuff on my teeth?!?

    Ehh... It really varies from person to person. For me, each time the braces are tightened, it hurt like crazy after a few hours and it lasts about a day or two before it subsides. I suggest eating soft food, anything hard will make you unable to really take it unless you're awesome.
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    Murder Mesa (Signups/OOC) [Murder Mysery]

    Bringing RP to a whole new level with my first ever RP. I have such high standards of myself, heheh. Murder Mesa Murder Mesa is going to be an RP completely unlike any RP you have ever been in. For one, characters have little importance in the RP, but their interactions will be extremely...
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    Help/Support ► Chasing away religious preachers

    Yeah, guess what, I'm being called upon by religious preachers trying to get me to convert into Christianity (sorry for all you Christians out there, but I really don't want to convert, I prefer Buddhism better). The question: How is it possible for me to dissuade the preachers politely...
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    Help/Support ► I. Hate. Computers.

    Oh wait, laptop? Ok, fine, you won't be able to take it apart. Blow a laptop cooler at it and try. Or go and get it repaired by warranty or by sending it to a repair shop.
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    Help/Support ► I. Hate. Computers.

    Take out the parts, buy new parts, swap over, place new heat sinkers. Since the alternative is pretty much to spend a small fortune on a computer repairman. Otherwise, borrow some parts from a friend and try replacing and checking if it performs better. Try to change the RAM, GFX card, CPU...
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    Help/Support ► Premium

    Does that answer your question?
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    Vote for Days in Nintendopower!

    Voted already. I went around selecting randomly. Hope Days does decently.
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    So. Before or after KH2?

    I say Days after KH2. So that the plot elements won't confuse your friend. If you play Days before KH2, there will be some parts not understandable, but the other way round it's less so.
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    reindeer goofy

    Much less so than his original KH II outfit, at least.
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    reindeer goofy

    Wasn't exactly a creepy santa. I always thought it was a great outfit, dark santa. A pity there's nothing to do in Christmas Town to let me see more of it.
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    reindeer goofy

    Snowman, if my memory serves me true.
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    Revese of X and O

    I love the reverse better. Especially since the first KH I played was the first KH:FM, which also had O instead of X. I got confused when I first played the normal KH2.
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    No there isn't.
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    Saix: MOVE ASSIIIIDEEE!!!!!!!!

    His desperation move is not bad. It's much harder to dodge the mass spinning one. For the one you're stuck at you don't need limits, just run straight while tilting right analog and count to 16 bursts (at least, I think it was 16, haven't played for too long), then reflect until the one above...