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  1. dwroxas16

    What do you want in the master of masters secret boss?

    MOM using Zettaflare would be epic!
  2. dwroxas16

    Next Game

    Does anyone else like the idea of playing as Yozora in the next game? if Yozora really is going to be the Noctis Nomura always wanted to make, I really want to be able to play as that character. I think it could be a cool side game, maybe to hold people off until KH4.
  3. dwroxas16

    Anybody else feel like the next entry will be DLC?

    I agree, the DLC will be final Mix style, but I could see Shibuya being a DLC world added to the eclipse galaxy since there is nothing there besides the graveyard. IF the FM DLC was not related to the secret ending, I would be surprised just because of how different the secret ending and the...
  4. dwroxas16

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Secret Movie

    I think this is possible. Whether it was an expansion on Yozora, like 1 or 2, or something different. I would be willing to guess a FM DLC would have another more concrete video for KH4.
  5. dwroxas16

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Secret Movie

    I like the idea that the secret movie alluded to FF/Square worlds, but I definitely don't think it means we are done with Disney. I do feel like maybe no more SDG trio, but I'm not sold on that one.
  6. dwroxas16

    PS Vita + HD 1.5 + 2.5

    2.8 never worked well over the wifi for my vita. It's cool if you got it to work well though. I always hoped to get a vita collection, was disappointed that was never an option.
  7. dwroxas16

    Play arts kai keyblades

    Hello everyone. Recently I purchased the Aqua play arts kai figure on eBay. Unfortunately when it got here, I noticed the keyblades that were included were counterfeits. I am currently trying to see if I can return it. However, I also had the idea of just purchasing the keyblades separately, but...
  8. dwroxas16

    Aqua Play Arts Kai from KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 FCP Revealed!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03C4tnCFEMQ Homer Simpson nails my honest reaction to the final Aqua PAK pictures WITH Master Defender :D
  9. dwroxas16

    News ► Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX will have PS4 Pro Support

    Can anyone that has 1.5+2.5 help me out. I'm just curious if the Pro support is THAT much better than the original PS4. I still have my Launch day PS4, which I thought worked fine with 0.2 except for some loading delays, but does anyone think these titles are worth rushing out to exchange my PS4...
  10. dwroxas16

    Aqua Play arts kai announced!

    An Aqua Play arts kai was anounced?! Square Enix Reveals New Kingdom Hearts Aqua Figure - News - www.GameInformer.com https://twitter.com/SQEX_Merch_EMEA/status/826813236444016644/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw So cool! no release date so far. Here's hoping Terra and Ven will be anounced soon.
  11. dwroxas16

    Summary of Nomura Interview on KINGDOM HEARTS 3 & HD 2.8 FCP w/ Dengeki

    Do we think this is a new HD secret movie? or just the one from 3D. Otherwise it would suck having to wait to do 0.2 after DDD.
  12. dwroxas16

    Why i'm excited for X Back Cover!!

    I'm excited because it's an actual KH movie. Like Days and ReCoded were advertised as such but it didnt work well just cutting, copying, and pasting with text scroll in between shots. Since this is being made 100% new for 2.8 I have some high expectations! I cannot wait to pop the disc in, sit...
  13. dwroxas16

    Am I the only one who LIKES DDD?

    I can see I'm a little late to the thread but I'm just going to throw my hat in the ring by saying I highly enjoyed DDD. BbS is my favorite, but honestly DDD might be second. I just felt visiting the worlds was more motivating than other games when you're like "I'm looking for people," while DDD...
  14. dwroxas16

    Will they update the Re: Chain of Memories model to the Dream Drop Distance versions?

    Oh absolutely no chance. But That fighting system is garbage, hence an innovation of something like BbS or DDD system would be well welcomed. I'm trying to replay 1.5 and 2.5 before 2.8 comes out and I'm just at the point where i'm 90% sure I'm going to skip Re: CoM solely because of those...
  15. dwroxas16

    Will they update the Re: Chain of Memories model to the Dream Drop Distance versions?

    Man, I thought this was asking more would Re: CoM get updated to the DDD fighting system. I know it doesn't really go with the story but THAT I would be all for :P
  16. dwroxas16

    News ► Kingdom Hearts II Play Arts Kai Roxas - Organization XIII Ver. releasing May 2017!

    I'm leaning towards KHIII Sora. I think I mentioned I already have the play arts kai Roxas. and I love it. But I don't think I'm willing to shell out for another one. I would rather get something completely new, with the new keyblade/ keyblade cross bows.
  17. dwroxas16

    News ► Kingdom Hearts II Play Arts Kai Roxas - Organization XIII Ver. releasing May 2017!

    Yeah Roxas is one of my Favorite characters and I think this figure looks Friggin gorgeous. But I just bought the Roxas play arts kai with Oathkeeper/Oblivion a little less than a year ago. And it wasn't a cheap commitment. I wish I would have just waited for the XIII ver.; but I dont know if I...
  18. dwroxas16

    News ► Kingdom Hearts II Play Arts Kai Roxas - Organization XIII Ver. releasing May 2017!

    So this will presumably be roughly $150-200. I loved the old Play Arts and have just been starting to get in interest in the PLay Arts Kai, but they are just so expensive. I really wanted a Riku from 3D but I just can't bend myself to shell out at least $150 for it. As an avid fan of the...
  19. dwroxas16

    Hopes for 2.5 HD

    What I Want more than anything is for it to come out Next gen. everyone keeps saying that's improbable and a waste of time, but if you put it in perspective, if 2.5 were to come out around the same time period next year as 1.5 in Western regions, or later, than the PS4 and XboxOne will have been...
  20. dwroxas16

    KINGDOM HEARTS 3D Sora and Riku PLAY ARTS Kai Revealed!

    wellllll when you mention a bargain like that...you might have just convinced me to get the Riku now =] Thanks. hahah But seriously, I only want to get one of the Riku play arts from 3D, but I can't decide whether to wait for regular Riku or Grid Riku. any opinions on which is better?