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  1. Memory Master

    Is anybody else confused with why Axel is changing sides?

    I think it's safe to assume Lea is firmly a good guy now on the side of Sora. I think the real turning point for him was in 358/2 Days when he realized just how bad the Organization really was and what extremes they were willing to go to (Eliminating either Roxas or Xion), though given he did...
  2. Memory Master

    Just got KH: HD 1.5 Remix and need some help

    I have only had one small bug that happened once, and that was one time I was at the world select screen and the little beep sound that happens when you move around trying to decide which world to go didn't beep. Also once the Trophy jingle didn't happen after I finished Halloween Town and got...
  3. Memory Master


    They changed how the sword, shield, and staff work from KH1 to KH1 Final Mix. In Final Mix the shield gives you the second chance ability at either level 39 or 36, so I always pick that one in Final Mix since I can get second chance the quickest that way. When it comes to the questions, it...
  4. Memory Master

    What the heck hit Sora in the beginning?

    Re: What the heck hit Sora in the beginning??? So Kairi hit Sora. Well I guess we can tell who the man in the relationship really is. XD Nah it's kind of sweet I think.
  5. Memory Master

    I think I understand

    Country of Musketeers confuses me. It can't be Disney Castle in the past because it's a sleeping world and obviously Disney Castle didn't fall into darkness. So we have to assume that Mickey basically married Minnie and then Minnie, Daisy, and Pete left Country of Musketeers to go with Mickey to...
  6. Memory Master

    News ► Prima Games to Release Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX Game Guide

    Well it's about time Re:COM got some kind of guide. They never bothered giving it one originally, so this is very much welcomed. I will for sure be purchasing this.
  7. Memory Master

    TAV's orignal homeworlds

    Yeah, I have always wondered where Aqua and Terra originally came from. Ventus I am almost sure is an orphan, no parent in their right mind would have given Ventus over to MX. Plus I just get this feeling whenever I think of Ventus meeting MX that Ventus was an orphan. So the question is what...
  8. Memory Master

    KH 2.5 - BBS FM Ending - Will they change the 'BBS: Volume 2' Scene?

    There is one easy solution to this: Just announce BBSV2 alongside KH3. They announced BBS, Coded, and 358/2 Days together, so they can do the same for BBSV2 and KH3. Plus if they make BBSV2 for Vita then they can easily just port the vita version to the PS3/4 and that way it will still be...
  9. Memory Master

    KH 2.5 - BBS FM Ending - Will they change the 'BBS: Volume 2' Scene?

    lol nah, I just have too much time on my hands. I have a nack for taking stories I like, but feel could be done better, and figuring out how I would have written the story. Most of the time, it's just small little changes i would make to the story, but sometime it's redoing the whole story. Like...
  10. Memory Master

    KH 2.5 - BBS FM Ending - Will they change the 'BBS: Volume 2' Scene?

    The game wouldn't be messy at all, like some people are arguing. Sure the scenarios wouldn't take place all at the same time period like the scenarios in COM or BBS, did, but that isn't a big deal. Most of the same worlds can still be used for all 3 scenarios just with them visiting said worlds...
  11. Memory Master

    KH 2.5 - BBS FM Ending - Will they change the 'BBS: Volume 2' Scene?

    Here is the thing: Nomura said after KH2FM was released back in 2007 that there was 4 untold stories he wanted to cover. 1. Xehanort's Past (Birth By Sleep) 2. Roxas' Time in Organization XIII (358/2 Days) 3. Mickey's Periods of Absence throughout the Series and his Adventure in the Realm of...
  12. Memory Master

    Was Ansem (XH) set up to fail?

    Here's what I don't get, Xemnas' role in MX's plan was to gather 13 empty vessels to turn into the 13 seekers of darkness, which isn't confusing at all. On the other side of this plan was XH, whose role was to manipulate and monitor Maleficent's gathering of the 7 Princesses of Heart. Now my...
  13. Memory Master

    PS4 Announced! KH3? And KH 1.5 Remix!

    Considering that Sony's goal is to eventually make it to where any game from any Playstation Console era can be streamed to Vita and PS4, I think future KH games need to be made for PS4. I believe it may be best to make KHHD 1.5 Remix for PS3 right now and later on for PS4 as well. Then KHHD 2.5...
  14. Memory Master

    What Exactly IS a Guardian of Light?

    The original X-Blade's light split into 7 pieces to correspond to the 7 hearts of pure light who now acted as a substitute for the true KH after the true KH fell into the Realm of Darkness. As such the 7 Guardians of Light are literally the 7 people Chosen to be the Defenders of the Princesses...
  15. Memory Master

    To gain their body back, why didn't they just kill themselfs?

    Simple really, most of the organization members were tricked. The plan was for Xemnas to gather 13 empty husks and have their new developing hearts be shaped to be more like Xehanort's heart. Xemnas didn't tell them they would slowly regrow their hearts because if he did then they would have...
  16. Memory Master

    Does "2.5" make sense for the HD Port that includes KH2 and BBS?

    Chronologically it doesn't make sense, but I don't think they are grouping the HD collections on the basis of the timeline. I think they are grouping them based on the order you are supposed to play them that best tells the story. KH2 has many hints that tie into and questions that are answered...
  17. Memory Master

    Isa's loyalty

    I think Isa/Saix is sticking with Xehanort right now because he is honestly conflicted inside. He feels some resentment over Lea choosing his friendship with Roxas and Xion over his friendship with him. His plans to overthrow Xemnas went out the window too. So I think right now he feels...
  18. Memory Master

    News ► Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Re: Mix is 80-90% Complete!

    Well damn, DBZ Abridged wasn't kidding when they said English was like the universal language lol.
  19. Memory Master

    News ► Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Re: Mix is 80-90% Complete!

    If they don't do other languages besides English and Japanese then that just isn't right. Heck let some fans who speak those languages dub the games. Some fans would do it for free just out of love for fellow KH fans. If I knew another language then I can make a pretty good Saix. (When they do...
  20. Memory Master

    Could KH3 possibly look like this?

    This is an early screen of Terra from way back before BBS was even announced. Obviously the grapics are more PS3 than they are the PS2 graphics KH has used forever. Do you think this picture is pretty close to the kind of grapics we'll see in KH3? I think the skin texture in the picture...