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  1. metrifyx

    Help/Support ► I can't go to school because I'm 18?

    That explains it, then. He's just pissed at some of the students in your age group and doesn't want them back in. That's plain selfish and immature.
  2. metrifyx

    Help/Support ► I can't go to school because I'm 18?

    This is insane. First of all, if they caused that much trouble, they would be expelled. Yeah, people aren't going to always make your life easier. That doesn't mean that you can not let them come back into school. Second, if these eighteen year-olds want to learn, they've obviously changed and...
  3. metrifyx

    Help/Support ► Hair dye help

    Ohhh, it looks awesome! I'm glad everything worked out for you. c:
  4. metrifyx

    Help/Support ► Scared of (what's in) the dark

    Hm, well in these sorts of cases the problem can be a little deeper than it seems. I think that you might want to ask yourself why you're even thinking so much about the possibility that something bad might be in the dark. For example, maybe you have a very active imagination. In that case, you...
  5. metrifyx

    Help/Support ► Hair dye help

    No problem! c: Oh, nice! I'll give you tip then: Strand tests are your best friend. They've saved my hair from being ruined sooo many times.
  6. metrifyx

    Help/Support ► Hair dye help

    Oh, absolutely. I think that color would look really good on you! Also, on the website that Ethnic posted you can actually try out the hair color on a picture of yourself. It might not be super accurate, but it should give you a good idea of what it would like. Is it your first time dying your...
  7. metrifyx

    Help/Support ► I injured my asshole father

    I completely agree. Father or not, respect is earned and not given. Although he does give you a place to live, which is nice, but other than that he treats you like a piece of crap so it's unreasonable to expect you to kiss the ground he walks on, especially when you work so hard. Still, I guess...
  8. metrifyx

    Help/Support ► I injured my asshole father

    I don't really think it was wrong; not exactly right either, but what else could you have done? I mean, your father attacked you. It's not like you're going to stand there with your hands in front of your face and let him beat you up. And who knows, maybe he won't threaten you anymore after what...
  9. metrifyx

    Help/Support ► Memory Master: The Story of How I Got Justice

    Re: Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty Somehow this reminds me of Twelve Angry Men. I guess it's because at the beginning everyone's convinced that the kid was guilty, but by the end Number 8 convinced the whole jury that there wasn't enough evidence and the boy ended up going free. I can...
  10. metrifyx

    Help/Support ► Being Gay in a religion that is horribly against gays.

    I think you definitely look like a good couple! :)
  11. metrifyx

    Help/Support ► Being Gay in a religion that is horribly against gays.

    I'm so sorry to hear that people are gossiping about you! They have no right to do that. Congratulations on coming out though; that must be a relief. May I recommend a website to you? It refers to all Christian denominations, but it seems like it would be really helpful. I stumbled upon it a...
  12. metrifyx

    Make Some Noise

    Hey guys. Um. I've never made a tag before, and I wanted to try so badly. It ended up being a really cool experience, and I plan to tag more in the future. I guess I'll let it speak for itself: resources: YouTube - ‪2NE1 - CLAP YOUR HANDS ( [0:36] Fractal Pack 3 by ~greentunic on deviantART...
  13. metrifyx

    Buying a 3DS for Dream Drop Distance?

    No. Until the price drops or an improved version comes out, I won't be getting one. And I'll play pretty much anything, so KH wouldn't be my only reason, although it certainly is the largest driving force.
  14. metrifyx

    Help/Support ► Quick Fashion Question (prom lol)

    This. If you like it, do it. A week from prom, no one's going to care about the shoes you wore.
  15. metrifyx

    What were your expectations?

    Overall, I guess I thought that BBS would be a lot darker than it actually was. It ended up seeming kind of lame in comparison. It's the same with Terra; I thought that he was going to be cool and sophisticated, but he was really naïve and ended up looking stupid and childish to me. I still...
  16. metrifyx

    Secret Endings - Worth It?

    You could always just look it up on YouTube if you don't want to put the effort in. Secret Endings—as well as trophies, stickers, game modes, cheat tuners, etc.—are bonuses that add to the game and give you incentive to play the game again, which gives it more bang for its buck, as well as...
  17. metrifyx

    Darkness itself is KH's antagonist?

    I completely agree with Ovafaze, Turn, and Ethnic Woman. Darkness can't think, and it can't oppose anyone. It's not the darkness that is opposing them—they're opposing themselves, and sometimes others that are under the influence of it. You can certainly say that the darkness was a cause; after...
  18. metrifyx

    Help/Support ► Speech :/

    o/ I agree with everyone else; it's an amazing opportunity. Trust me, English teachers will love you next year. Just be sure to write something that you're proud of, and when you do perform, be proud. Don't hunch over or fidget or anything like that. Speak loudly and confidently like you're the...
  19. metrifyx

    Help/Support ► Fatherhood

    My goodness, he is beautiful. Just precious. ;~;
  20. metrifyx

    Help/Support ► Fatherhood

    Good luck, again! I hope nothing but the best for you and Josiah. :)